Me. And My Big Ideas.

There was some perfect golden light last night. Needed a picture.

When I get an idea in my head. I CANNOT shake it. I won’t say I OBSESS about it, but I do plan on how to bring it to reality. I’ll research and plan and price my vision.

This time, I’ve got my sights set on my first floor powder room. When we moved in, it was painted “Sad Tan”. While I didn’t like that most of the first floor and the stairwells, and the upstairs hall were all the same awful boring shade of meh, my desire to paint was less than my dislike for the previous owner’s color sense. About 6 years ago, I painted the powder room. Following an incident where I almost set the house on fire with a candle in the bathroom at Thanksgiving. I used paint leftover from painting my son’s nursery. Its fine. I guess.

Fast forward to YESTERDAY. It struck me. I hate this bathroom.

The flooring is peel and stick vinyl tile over actual old tile. It was there when we moved in 10 years ago. Its so UGLY, fake rusty slate ugly. A spot next to the toilet is damaged. I started pricing new vinyl peel and stick tiles. In a more updated style. It is WAY less expensive than I thought it would be, and since its such a small space. Reading the reviews it’ll take me a few hours to put down new “tile”, half a day removing the old stuff.

Then I was thinking, I could update the walls while I’m at it. Which sent me down a rabbit hole of peel and stick “wallpaper”. OH. Like anything, there is a HUGE price range. But I only want to do the wall behind the sink and the wall behind the toilet. Both are small walls. I don’t want to spend hundreds. I found a simple 4-color print I don’t hate. And got the brilliant idea to color match one colors to the wall- the whole room takes less than a quart of paint. It is THAT small.

Now lets not stop there. Lets replace the toilet paper holder. And the towel ring. And the toilet brush. And the rug. And the art prints. The faucet? SURE, I can do that. Theoretically. And the light fixture? Yeah, why not, its ugly too. Let just throw in new hand towels too!

All priced out, I can do the whole room for less than $250 and a couple afternoons. The flooring and walls are less than $100. I have all the paint tools, except painters tape I suspect. Keeping surprises from the spouse is difficult- I NEEEED to tell someone about things I’m excited about. Once I get it all complete, I’ll make a post. WITH PICTURES. I’m 85% certain about the materials I’m picking up.


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