A Lost Month.

Old Navy sent my daughter a girl’s XXL instead of the L. It fit me- I’m a large adult. It was IMMEDIATELY exchanged.

That cliché that life comes at you quick? Applicable. Since July, lots of things beyond my control have been happening. Its been difficult. For me and others associated with these events. I don’t want to elaborate. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m trying to radically accept the things that no one can change. I will accept a that sucks, and it’s absolute bullshit.

Now that my preamble is out of the way, lets talk about what I have been doing that isn’t depressing.

I refreshed the powder room! When we moved in it was painted Sad Tan. I just kinda dealt with it. After my son was born, I had a candle in the powder room at Thanksgiving and nearly caught the bathroom on fire. I painted the powder room with this greeny color because we had it on hand from painting an accent in my son’s nursery. It was ok. Better than a scorch up the Sad Tan wall.

But I didn’t really like it that much. And last month, I decided I hated it and I needed to change almost everything about it. A fun fact about me: I cope with things I cannot fix by hyper-focusing on things I CAN FIX. This bathroom for instance.

It took me a few days to paint, scrape the floor, paper, swap out the lighting fixture by myself. Spouse swapped out the faucet for me when I was out of town one day. We need to get a bigger channel lock pliers to change the drain. Not the highest priority.

The paper is a removable wall paper and is nice and thick. The original, that is on the vanity door fronts, was entirely too thin for the walls. I was able to stick close to my original cost estimate ($250), minus the wall art.

I’ve also added a broom cabinet to the corner in the dining room. It was looking chaotic with mops and brooms in the open, so I fixed it. Its not perfect, but for my home with very little closet space, its PERFECT. I also decided to get new curtains for the living room, they were inexpensive but make a big difference!

And that’s what I’ve been up to around my house.

My daughter and I did a Girl Scout camp weekend with a few people from our troop. I am officially the designated spider relocator/catcher. There weren’t a lot of mosquitos and other bugs- the spiders were HUGE and well fed. I would be lying if I told you the huge spiders didn’t give me the heebies. I did NOT take pictures of them. I relocated them from the tent into the woods away from the tents. It was super humid, but summer on the east coast!

camp accommodations.

That’s been the upbeat highlights reel since my last update. Yarn-y updates soon.


6 responses to “A Lost Month.”

    • Thank you. I’m trying to radically accept situations beyond any control- its making it a bit easier in some ways.
      It was pretty amazing to change out the lighting fixture by myself. That was a HUGE feather in my cap! I didn’t burn down the house or electrocute myself (I turned off the breaker, btw)- my bar for success.

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