Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: FrankenFabric

And finished pouches.

It came from the Scrap Heap!

My sewing machine got a WORKOUT today! I’ve been piecing together FrankenFabrics for a while now. For the longest, I was just piecing pieces, but was inspired by my SUPER talented friend over at Medusa Raptor to use decorative top stitching. It really leveled up my work.

Additionally. I’ve made SO MANY zippered pouches lately. With some non-holiday FrankenFabric AND some really nice Spooky Fabric ones. I’ve listed some items to my Etsy! Mostly OOAK pouches. This weekend I am going to get my Spooky pouches listed. I will have Large, small, and boxy available!


4 responses to “Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: FrankenFabric”

    • Thanks! The Halloween fabrics have been some of my favorite- I LOVE spooky stuff.
      I’ve made a TON of drawstring project bags for myself over the years. But once I discovered how to use interface properly, its REALLY stepped up my sewing game!

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