YOP 2023: 2/52

An update.

I don’t have any real progress to report. None of my patterns have been released yet, although many of them are just patiently waiting to be. This is me just getting sidetracked instead of sitting down and JUST DOING IT. I think I should add “Just do the task” to my YOP goal, for my existence in general.

I digress. I finished up one project for my friend’s son (a massively huge scarf) and have been making progress on a huge crochet blanket and two neck accessories (a scarf and a shawl/scarf). All these things loosely fit into my YOP goals as 1) Patterns (12 releases), 2) Stash (100 balls), and/or 3) Projects (50 completed out of yarn).

As for my Cricut, which has entered into my YOP goals, I did mess about with it this morning to deboss (but us lay people might refer to as embossing). My success was mixed. I wanted to see if I could make tags for my projects (knit, crochet, and sewing). My logo is too “busy” to effectively deboss at the size needed for the tiny tag. I then used just text (MISC.). Which worked out better, but the contrast wasn’t there like it is with the ones I get from Etsy. I assume they are working with a GlowForge or some other Laser Engraver (based on the slightly burnt smell). I went back over the text depressions with an ultra fine sharpie. This is cute. I might get some foil and foil tips in the future. I saw some “washable paper” in the scrapbooking section of the craft store. I need to research it more. But it might work out for sewn in tags for totes and pouches. Or I can just support another maker and buy my supplies off Etsy.

I also made some stickers to add to the tabs of my planner. I think they are neater than the individual vinyl letters I hand placed. I didn’t waterproof them or seal them. If just printed and cut doesn’t work out, I’ll remake them and call it research. Additionally, I’m not 100% sold on the fonts and the white background. The cut files for the tab dividers are from someone… I never saved the link in my Pinterest and now I can’t find it. Doh!

Until next week! When I hope I can have more fiber related things to report.


16 responses to “YOP 2023: 2/52”

  1. The sharpie seems to work very well. It looks great. I love your file folder tabs. Is that fabric? Or shelf paper? Makes really cute tabs. I’m so digital that I don’t use file tabs except for my recipe file tabs.

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    • My dividers are double sided scrapbook paper (big box craft store clearance for $.20-.40 each) with self stick laminate paper on both sides for durability!
      I have a difficult time with digital organization, I haven’t found a (free) format that works for me yet. Maybe one day. I would like to be more sustainable, and therefore digital.

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  2. I took a Cricut class and still have horrible issues using it. I need to take another class or get a handbook telling me what everything does. You seem to have done well with your cricut this week. My Granddaughter wants to make her art into stickers and I am at a complete loss as to how to make that happen. Yup, need a handbook!

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    • I looked at a couple tutorials. It seems the first thing is a transparent background. There are a TON of paid background removers out there (I haven’t had luck with free versions). The “print then cut” feature coupled with “flatten” seem to be the key. I have some digitally generated line drawings that I’m going to experiment with. I’ll let you know!


    • Since I’ll only be making a few at a time, the extra 3-5 minutes isn’t too bad. If I was batching dozens or HUNDREDS, that would be too much.
      I love labeling things and I love stickers. I think the sticker function will be an exciting rabbit hole!

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  3. You’ve managed to do a very neat line with the sharpie but I do like the subtle look of the original too. I’m sure in no time you’ll have mastered this new gadget. I feel your pain about losing a Pinterest pin, I have had that where I was certain I’d saved it in a folder but no joy and then haven’t been able to re-find it. You’ll publish your patterns when you are ready…there’s no rush and no judgement.

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    • The ultra fine sharpie did work out. I’m not certain how wash fast it is. That’s an experiment for another day! I think I would have like a thicker font, but I was itching to do a test cut and not interested in searching anymore for a bolder font.

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    • Emboss is a RAISED pattern; the negative space is depressed. Deboss is similar to engraving, where the pattern is depressed into the substrate and the negative space is raised. I didn’t know the difference either until just a couple days ago!


  4. I don’t have a Cricut but I love your tags and yes, the sharpie really makes them stand out. I also really like the file/planner tags. I wish I knew more about paper crafting but maybe I will pick up some knowledge from you…..or there’s Etsy! LOL!

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    • I’m literally just bumbling along to see what works! I’ve been wanting a Cricut since I discovered the “Maker” machines will cut fabric. I have been wanting to make a quilt for a LONG time, but cutting all the little pieces has held me back. Now I can make a quilt and not worry about cutting out the pieces by hand. There are even free (very basic) quilt patterns for the machine!


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