Adventures with cats.

Or: we now have two cats in our family. And how it’s going.

Always all up on you.

For the first time in my life, I have a small cat army of 2. Not going to lie, I hoped they would be instant besties. By day 2 Telly (aka Cat#1) was all in. Stella remains skeptical of Cat#1 after nearly 2 and a half weeks. She isn’t outright hostile. Just very VERY JEALOUS. If I’m petting my baby cat Telly, she will rush over to try and usurp attention.

Stella is a super love bug. If you’re sitting, she will be next to you waiting for pets!! She will make biscuits on your belly squish and purr loudly the whole time. On a few occasions, she has sat on my lap while I knit…. And sometimes tries to bite my needles or yarn. Doesn’t really bother with them otherwise.

Ultimate knitting accessory: Lap Cat.
Telly: from the good old days before that other cat!!

Telly isn’t particularly affectionate and rarely will sit next to you. But enjoys sleeping in the bed with his humans. And sleeping in the kids’ beds when they aren’t home. He tolerates being picked up and lavished with kisses. He likes to play. He wants to befriend all the local squirrels with his claws and teeth. Telly is a gentle cat, and wants to be Stella’s best friend. She is not interested in playing with him. Maybe it’s because he’s still very kitten like in his play. Maybe she just like to hiss.

Both of the boys are helping dad with dinner prep.

Telly loves being wherever his people are, at least at arms distance!! He gets tripped over a LOT in the kitchen.

Wednesday we needed to have our ISP send out a tech because the Internet wasn’t working. I put away the cats (because it’s part of the service call prep) together. And both cats still have their eyes and all their fur! I didn’t hear any scuffles and nothing in my room was broken. Our tech was a self proclaimed “cat guy” and was actually disappointed I put the cats away. While gathering up towel laundry, the cats escaped their sequester. Both of them followed around the tech like he was their new best friend!! He suspects it was because my cats could smell his cats. And our Internet woes were our failed modem. It has been replaced and I’m back online from all my devices!!

Introducing a second cat hasn’t been bad. We don’t have any food guarding issues. No litter box challenges. The worst thing is Stella kinda kicking Telly out of bed. He seems pretty upset by this. He has been extra chatty at bedtime! And despite our reassurances, he is avoiding sleeping so close to Girl cat! Hopefully Telly is back to sleeping in bed with us soon. I miss giving him early morning pets (The only time I can lay next to him and give him scritches).


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