The Edwards Blanket

More like a recipe than a pattern.

Using the easy to memorize c2c technique and this recipe, you can create this bias stripe blanket in baby, throw, or twin size! The border includes 2 rows of SC and is finished with Crab Stitch.

The Edwards Blanket, enjoying spring Cherry Blossoms. Baby sized shown.

Dimensions (including border):
Baby: 36.5” x 43.5”
Throw: 50.5” x 61”
Twin: 67.5” x 90”

Big Twist Yarns Value Solids (100% Acrylic, 380 yards) in
Color A: Mustard
Color B: White
Color C: Dark Denim

Baby: 1520 yards total. 3 color totals:  A: 2 skeins (760 yards), B: 1 skein (380 yards), C: 1 skein (380 yards)
Throw: 3040 yards total. 3 color totals: A: 4 skeins (1520 yards), B: 2 skeins (760 yards), C: 2 skeins (760 yards)
Twin: 6080 yards total. 3 color totals: A: 8 skeins (3040 yards), B: 4 skeins (1520 yards), C: 4 skeins (1520 yards)

Hook: I/5.5mm

Notions: Yarn needle for weaving in ends.

Gauge: each C2C block measures approximately 0.7″ (1.75 cm) square.

Abbreviations Terminology is US/American
C2C: Corner to Corner Crochet
sc: Single Crochet
ch: chain

External Links to Techniques:
Corner-to-corner crochet: Winding Road Crochet Tutorial (has embedded videos) or Craftsy (a short refresher)
Crab Stitch: the Spruce Crafts (straightforward with pictures)

Pattern Instructions:

You will be managing the C2C section and color patterning simultaneously.

Color Pattern (all sizes):
A: 12 rows
B: 6 rows
C: 6 rows

52 rows of C2C increase
8 rows no increase or decrease
52 rows of C2C decrease 

72 rows of C2C increase
12 rows no increase or decrease
72 rows of C2C decrease

96 rows of C2C increase
28 rows no increase or decrease
96 rows of C2C decrease  

Work 2 round of sc; at corners: sc, ch1, sc
Finish with 1 round of crab stitch, working 4 crab stitches at the corners

Close up of the crab stitch edge and corner.
nested diagram with different sizes.

Some back story: This blanket was created for my spouse’s grandnephew back in 2021. I’ve been sitting on the chart and recipe for over 2 years. At first, I wanted to gift the blanket and it be a surprise to the parents. Then mostly because I thought I needed to reinvent the wheel with C2C instructions. There are SO MANY amazing tutorials already on the internet- some with videos some specifically for left handed crocheters.
I am finally releasing this recipe because I have finally released myself from the idea that I shouldn’t be suggesting the work of others to support my own work. As a creator, I do not live apart from the work of others. I use their tutorials to guide my own journey.


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