60-Minute Cowl

I am so in LOVE with my newest completed project!

Greetings! It is currently January 3rd. Perhaps you have entered the doldrums of winter, where the only thing you look forward to is spring. Despair not my friends, I have brought you a quick and easy crochet cowl to brighten your day! Depending on your speed, you can literally complete this in about an hour. When I actually timed the construction in Fall 2018, it was 56:40. I did not stop the clock to retrieve snacks and water for the kids or when I had to fetch my finishing materials (yarn needle, scissors).

I have made 5 of these cowls between Early Fall 2018 and Early January 2020 (when I was brave and finally launched the pattern). I’ve used different yarns for each, just to see which one I like the best (spoiler: its Malabrigo).

Left: Small cowl crocheted in Malabrigo Rasta. Right: Large cowl crocheted in Patons Cobbles.

Right now, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Sometimes I REALLY love minimum effort maximum result projects. And this is TOTALLY one of those projects! When I’m working on a huge or very complicated project, being able to finish a project fast helps me feel accomplished. If you’ve never used a massive hook before be aware that you may need to adjust your grip in order to work the stitches. This was particularly true with the S/19mm hook.

I’ve used many different yarns to work this project. The two pictured in the pattern, Malabrigo Rasta and Patons Cobbles, as well as Lion Brand Thick and Quick, Big Twist Natural Blend, and Buttercream Luxe Craft in Thick and Thin.

Left: Large cowl in Buttercream Luxe Craft Thick and Thin. Right: Small cowl in Big Twist (bottom stripe) and Lion Brand Thick and Quick (top two stripes)

My favorite yarn was the Malabrigo Rasta. Because when I wear it, it feels like a warm cloud and the dimensional color is dreamy. The color of the Buttercream Luxe Craft Thick and Thin makes me happy as well. Whichever yarn you decide on, make is something you will love nuzzling into.

Get The Pattern HERE


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