Year Of Projects: Week 5

Sorry friends, no finishes this week. I’ve made a bunch of additional masks, did some scrappy projects for wrangling said masks (read more about it here if you want), and worked on two other projects. Justine I’m further than this now. Justine isn’t part of my YOP projects, but I love it and want toContinue reading “Year Of Projects: Week 5”

Start. Finish. Repeat

Its already Thursday evening. I’m not entirely certain exactly how that happened. I mean, the sun has rose and set in predictable cycles, I’ve just lost track of updating before today. I started and finished another emPower Cowl this week, started on Monday (Sunday??) and finished it on Wednesday mid-day. It worked up super fast,Continue reading “Start. Finish. Repeat”

Year of Projects Week 1

A Year of Projects: Blog-A-Long I stumbled upon a Ravelry group, A Year of Projects, via another blog: Backstage Knits. Most members’ year runs from the first Sunday in July until the last Sunday in June; they are on week 8. As you can see, I’m a bit late, but that won’t stop me fromContinue reading “Year of Projects Week 1”

Free Pattern: 2-Row Granny Triangle Bunting

Have you been trying to figure out what to do with all your short (3-5 yard) leftover fingering weight yarn bits? Look no further! This 2-Row Crochet Granny Triangle only needs a few yards PER triangle! You can make your bunting any length and use as many (or as few) colors as you want. Inspiration:Continue reading “Free Pattern: 2-Row Granny Triangle Bunting”

Granny Square Day 2020

I love granny squares. Honestly, I find them easier to work than a back and forth crochet project. My crafty and artsy girlfriends have always been my most important influences! Keeping true to their muse status, its exactly how I was inspired to try granny squares for the first time way back in the aughts.Continue reading “Granny Square Day 2020”

Bandwagon Crochet

No. I’m not making “the pocket shawl”. IRL, I’m not a joiner. I don’t love large group activities (my local knitting people may remember how I dug in my heels about not attending “Stitch n Pitch”). I avoid (consciously or subconsciously) the Popular “thing” (current best selling books, fitness fads, fashion trends, pop music). MaybeContinue reading “Bandwagon Crochet”

Free (Not A)Pattern: C2C Cupcake Throw

As of this morning, I officially have NO active projects. Old WIPS don’t count, by the way. I finished my C2C blanket for a friend, and it looks AWESOME! The only thing left to do is wash it and mail it! Since learning the C2C technique back in April, this is my 3rd throw/blanket. ItContinue reading “Free (Not A)Pattern: C2C Cupcake Throw”

Crossing the Finish Line

FINALLY, PlumBody to Love is off the needles! Firstly, its impossible to take a good picture of a sweater on yourself to showcase the best attributes. Secondly, it fits about how I expected, although the acrylic yarn is a bit stiff still (still need to wash it up). Thirdly, its SEAMLESS!!! I succeeded in myContinue reading “Crossing the Finish Line”

Hopes and Dreams

Or what I want to accomplish on my summer vacation. This summer is not looking promising for “normal”. Which isn’t a bad thing per se. As my kids get older, I feel over scheduled by mid-summer. I’m a self-proclaimed loner/homebody, so all this “stay at home” recommendation is right up my alley! I think swimming,Continue reading “Hopes and Dreams”

I Got (New) Skills!

I’ve been talking about the baby blankets for twins that I’m crocheting for a couple months now. I made the first, a bobbled pattern and was completely underwhelmed with the result. SO much that I haven’t woven in the ends and I was dreading making a second that coordinated. Now I have less than twoContinue reading “I Got (New) Skills!”