Making Fun Work

Making work fun?

I LOVED writing this pattern!

I often lament there are not enough hours in the day. When my spouse is on travel, the feeling is compounded. He seriously keeps this place from falling into chaos. When I have my regular tasks PLUS his tasks, sometimes I feel burnt out and overwhelmed by the end of the day. It would be easy to blow off the gym, order take out every night, eat off of paper plates, and let the house stay trashed. But instead I power through. Wrangle the tiny humans, cook, keep the house from complete chaos (barely holding on here), find time to shower. Unfortunately, a lot of my time available to work when I’m feeling most creative is eaten up by additional responsibilities.

I’m carving little niches to work on building my design portfolio, plan new design projects, write blog posts (!!!), and try and make fun things! A couple weeks ago I put out my cup sleeve pattern for the Child (you know, the baby Yoda zeitgeist). Its super fun to make, and I had so much leftover material from the creation process, that I’ve been knitting up a couple for friends, and a limited run for sale in my Etsy shop (not yet available).

the Child WIPs

I’m doing them production line style; right now: all the bodies. Next up: allllll the ears, then all the finishing with faces, eyes and ends woven in. Its a nice break from serious minded things. And the body of the sleeve doesn’t require much brain power, just a bit of row counting. At the end of the day, these have been the perfect project to work on while I watch something not safe for children (I’m considering rewatching the Witcher). I love the pattern more every time I make one.

Want to make your own Baby Yoda/the Child cup sleeve? Get the pattern on Ravelry! Click Here!! I can’t wait to see your adorable creations in action.


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