Revolution 39 Complete

39 years and 2 days. No make-up, gross hair selfie.

I have officially completed my 39th revolution around the sun. No I don’t feel any older, but today totally feels like Wednesday, because it is. My birthday wasn’t that big of a deal this year. Mostly because I’ve been sidetracked by designing, and blogging, and laundry. But Monday was a great day. I made a playlist for my Monday Kettlebells class, and the trainer designed an awesome workout around it. Strict Presses, Mixed Carries, Squat Cleans, Swings, V-ups. Some of my favorite things! The whole family went to lunch (federal holiday for the win!), we ran some errands. I made some modified Slutty Brownies from the Oh! Mrs. Tucker Blog.

Modified Slutty Brownies. Chocolate Chip Cookie Base, Pretzel Layer, Brownie Top. SO RICH. SO DECADENT.

Yeah, Slutty Brownies. If you have sensitive sensibilities or little kids, Scandalous Brownies make a good substituent name. We didn’t have Oreos or other cookies around, so I used the rest of a stale bag of pretzels in the middle. Next time, I’m using MORE PRETZELS and CARAMEL in the center.

This is a craft-centric blog, so onto the craftiness!
One of my 2020 goals (specifically January/February) was to get my partial skeins untangled and consolidated. I tackled the largest bin yesterday. It was mostly DK/Worsted/Aran with a couple bits of sock and chunky thrown in.

Before. Not the worst.

I also consolidated yarns into this container so its all together. I am using plastic sandwich bags to keep everything separated and labeled. Not the most environmentally friendly method, BUT I intend of reusing the bags repeatedly. AND when they are full of raggedy holes and busted out, they’ll be CLEAN bags and suitable for bag recycling. After a couple of hours of detangling, bagging, and labeling, I’m well on my way to meeting one of my 2020 organizing goals.

After: An improvement to be sure!

Organizing will perpetually be a work in progress. I’m considering breaking out chunky and fingering into their own separate area, and dividing my medium weight partials into acrylic and wool. I have a little more to consolidate before I start adding all of my full ball stash to Ravelry this year (the task seems SOOO daunting, even if its only about 200 balls of yarn).

How do you organize your stash and your remainders? I would love to see your solutions!

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