The Lost Knits File Series Part Two

Good-bye almost cardigan.

One of my 2020 crafting goals was to manage my stash and manage my WIPs. The WIPs are all Finish or Frog (rip out). I have a sizable amount of languishing projects, somewhere between 10 and 20. With about half on Ravelry currently (with the intent to own up to the rest in the next 11 months!).

RIP: Prepster Cardigan. Feb 6, 2009 – Jan 28, 2020

This week I set my sights on a project called the Prepster Cardigan. It was a make-it-up-as-I-go deal. I was going to do top-down set in sleeves, but I recall they were awful and I ripped those back immediately upon finishing the sleeve cap. The project has been hibernating since 2009. I started frogging it Sunday. Having wove in all the ends I wasn’t sure where I started/ended. So I started taking apart the fold under hem, assuming that was where I ended. It was a SLOG, at the end of EVERY row I needed to do something weird with the last stitch. This continued until about a third of the way up when I decided to try picking apart the shoulder seems and unravel from there. OH. WOW! What a difference it made, it was like unzipping a zipper. No weird tangles at the end of EVERY ROW, just a quick wind ROW AFTER ROW. I guess lesson learned; if it seems more difficult than it needs to be, I’m doing it wrong.

Now I have seven skeins of yarn to destash. The wool is a bit scratchy, and the ball band claims its perfect for felting. Perhaps a new throw pillow cover or a felted tote will be created in 2020?

The Sally Cardigan

Just waiting to be finished!

One of my main FINISH contenders for 2020. STEEKS coming soon!!! Stay tuned for Part Three of the Lost Knits File Series. Coming February 2020.


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