Missing: the Sun

Another soggy day of crap lighting, that is perfect weather for this cowl.

Seriously. February has been gray and rainy here. Which is only made worse by the fact that I haven’t been able to get good outdoor pictures to add to TWO patterns I have ready to launch. I guess it gives more time to make sure EVERYTHING IS EXTRA PERFECT. And more time to make a few color combination swatches!

I think I love it more than the original. Light Gray Baby Ull and the blue? Unidentified. Maybe Bugga? It was a friend’s de-stash a decade ago.

In order to stave away the restless feeling that comes with stagnant projects, I’ve been doing a bunch of little projects. So many little catch-all baskets/cozies. Yeah, I knit a cozy for a tiny plastic bin. I have a couple more to complete (including bringing up the sides of the black crochet mini-basket turned cozy)

A 2020 Studio Corner Project

In addition to whipping up the odd quick cozy, I’ve had some major start-itus. I want to START ALL THE PROJECTS. But I have so many in limbo that I feel stuck; unable to finish what I have on the hook and needles and unable to start new things (that will take longer than an hour). I did start a sport weight cotton baby blanket. Kinda. I’m two balls into the 10 I have of a discontinued yarn. Signs are not looking good to having enough yarn. At this rate, I will have a 35″x20″ blanket. Unacceptable. Having an open work is bad for babies: stuck fingers and toes. Contemplating ripping back for a forth time. Is it even worth it? Doomed before it really gets off the ground? As a plus, I got a LOT of use out of my Furls Odyssey Hook!

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