Yarn Chicken

The stuff of knitting nightmares.

When I started the Alpha test phase of my Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl (small) I had little idea regarding the required yardage, merely a guesstimate. I could have taken careful weight measurements. I could have knit and unraveled a square and measured the length requirements for each yarn then extrapolated from there. Instead of doing a number of things to verify my required yardage, I decided to LIVE DANGEROUSLY.

I knew that the grey, Dale of Norway Baby Ull was 180 yards (and 1.75 oz). My blue variegated mystery yarn was 1.9 ounces (still have no idea what this yarn is). The large version took less than 4 ounces (about 3 and a little) of the main color, and included a border. The small version is 10 total squares as opposed to the large version’s 18 squares, a difference of 44%. I only now calculated this value, because I was living dangerously and naively on February 13th 2020. I figured, surely, I have enough. I finished my first row feeling REALLY confident. But my confidence began to wane when I started block 3 of row two. All of a sudden, my grey was looking like it wasn’t going to make it.

Panic set in. Oh my god. What have I done! What will I do if I don’t have enough!?!?! Why didn’t I act prudently?? I am like Icarus! My hubris!!
This made for an interesting and anxiety ridden few days of knitting. I seriously had THE FEAR when I was working.

But today, around 1630 (4:30 PM)local time, I completed my final square with a scant two yards remaining (I decided against the border for this version)! I’m pretty sure my blood pressure normalized about the same time. I had a learn-to-knit class to teach this evening, so I couldn’t stick around at home to finish sewing it up and weave in ends. I was able to finish the project in its entirety after I got home. Its so pretty! I was trying to talk my husband into modeling it for me, because I could see a guy rocking this design! Alas. Instead its just me, at 10 pm… looking tired. Despite my long day I am pretty keyed up and couldn’t wait to share my success. I’ll have the pattern available once it clears Beta-Phase testing.

Its late and the lighting is bad.


Tomorrow is an exciting new day. I am diving into my new AT Haynes House Yarn stash; not sure if I’ll be posting about new socks or a new sweater next. Stay tuned!!


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