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  • YOP 2023: 4/52

    I was going to write this tomorrow, on MONDAY, but here I am on Sunday night clickity clacking away on my keyboard. Its been a weird week that has put me in a weird headspace. Last week was a “short week” here, complete with internet connectivity issues (that resulted in a ISP tech visit and […]

  • YOP 2023: 3/52

    You know what I’m bad at? Going to the Post Office. I can FORCE myself to go when I have DEADLINE specific things like Etsy Orders or holiday cards. But in general I find it REALLY difficult to just go. I don’t hate going. I just struggle to make the time to just do it. […]

  • WIP-it Wednesday! #1

    It’s the first Wednesday of the new year, and I decided to introduce structure to my posting schedule! Back in November I started a fingering weight scarf. Short Shawl?? Anyway, after 6 weeks I finished the body. I spent HOURS trying to find the RIGHT border. Today I found “the one”, cast-on, and am 3 […]

  • Holding Patterns

    Literally and figuratively. I’m sitting on a small pile of patterns. STILL. Sorry. AND I’m designing NEW stuff. Because why finish something you’ve been working on for 6 months when you can start something NEW AND EXCITING. Yes. I have a TON of fun stuff coming down the pipeline- straightforward with a twist shapes. I’m […]

  • Finally Finished

    I have recently had the feeling of all my fiber projects being in various states of undone. Which is accurate, because at any given time I have a handful of things going. Usually I can keep plugging away and finish things up and feel fine about it. Sometimes my brain gets stressed out over all […]

  • Cozy Neighborhood Vibes

    This was SUPPOSED to be a knit cowl. I know, I KNOW, assigning certainty to my fiber arts is a recipe for disappointment. You see, all I needed to do was go upstairs and get my 16″ size 6 circular needed to start the project. I had IDEAS. But limited motivation- I have SO MANY […]

  • A Year of Projects: Week 47

    Been making some progress on my projects. I snapped a couple pictures on my back deck a few minutes ago just for this post. Here’s what I’ve been making with my leftover sock yarns lately. I’ve used 6 partial/scrap balls so far. I would say I’m at the 30% mark. Using a size 6 needle. […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 46

    The past couple of days have not gone quite as anticipated. I didn’t really have the headspace to blog, and to be honest, still don’t. Today I have a headache, and I think its dehydration in nature. I took a couple tylenol and am pounding water. *sip, sip* I started my 2nd “Wet Your Plants” […]

  • A Year of Projects: Week 45

    -ish. The week is almost over, but I’m going to make a YOP post anyway. I’m about to start the thumbs on my Mitt Mitty Mittens, I hope that get it right the first time. I ripped out the left mitten, to change the position of the thumb cable. It looks MUCH better, I am […]

  • A Year of Projects: Week 44

    A YOP blog! I have not made a YOP post in almost 2 months. I’ve been doing the normal stuff. With the last 8 weeks of my YOP quickly coming to a close, I started reflecting. My goals for the year were amorphous at best. Next year I will set SMART goals- and plan for […]