Free Pattern: Done-in-a-Day Knit Pillow

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When I work on numerous large and long-term projects, or have a couple of finishing set-backs, I start itching to finish something I LIKE. I’m also trying to minimize the number of partial skeins I have floating around my life.

Too many partial skeins. But I have a PLAN!

Today I solved a handful of problems with one solution a “Done-in-a-Day” project. I’ve been inspired by the number of absolutely STUNNING scrapghans that knitter and crocheters have been putting out this year. In the spirit of finishing it now, I decided to cast on for a pillow. I tried the size 50 needles, but they were just too big. I dug out my 15mm/19s. They were perfect. Chunky stitches. Not too unwieldy. Yarn Piggery abound.

9 strands of yarn. Knit all at once.

Now knitting with 9 strands at once is great for using a bunch of yarn. But inevitably it gets all tangled. I think a full third of the time spent on the project was removing the biggest tangles! Ball management is rough, but hey, that’s what happens when you just dump the working yarns into a pile and work from the tangle.

A few rando yarns for my project.. And TEA!!

Regardless of inspiration striking at 1:30 pm, choosing the right yarns, untangling them constantly, reading my book, dinner, kids’ baths, watching TV with spouse, the project was finished and sewn by 9pm! Winning! I finished it fast.

Completed “Done-in-a-Day” stash-busting pillow!

Hopefully this will inspire you to make a matching pillow for your really awesome Scrapghans! See below for the “Pattern”.

Done-in-a-Day Knit Pillow

Suitable for all skill levels.

Finished Dimensions: to cover an approximately 10×18, (18×18) pillow. A slightly larger pillow will squish to conform to the the internal dimensions yielding a firmer finished product.

Yarn:  9 (18) x 100 yards of worsted weight. Yardage need not be continuous, join new yarns/colors as needed/desired.

Yardage:  Approximately 900 – 1800yards of worsted weight yarn total. You will need more or less depending on the size of your pillowform

Needles: 15mm/size 19

Notions: Yarn needle, pillowform/pillow insert

No need for new! Covering throw pillows from my old Duvet set.

Gauge:  approximately 1.5 sts/in


Holding 9 strands of worsted weight yarn together:

Cast-on 17 (28) stitches.

Row 1: Knit all stitches.

Row 2: Purl all stitches.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for36 inches or required length required to cover your pillow.


Weave in ends on the “wrong side”; either side of the fabric is suitable for this.


Sew the short ends together: stitch around the base of the cast-on and bind-off stitches. Position the pillow inside the loop. Using mattress stitch, seam up one side, then the other, enclosing the pillow completely. Weave in seaming ends.

This is how I closed my pillow; I wasn’t sure where I wanted my short side seem at the side or at the center. This allowed me to position (slightly off-center) exactly where I wanted my seam to fall. Feel free to finish your project any way you want.

Enjoy your fast, EASY scrap-busting project!!


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