I Believe in Miracles

The kind of my own making.

I love ankle socks. I knit them almost exclusively.

You guys. This is huge for me. I finished TWO things within 24 hours (Thursday evening/Friday afternoon). Not just two random things. But TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS. Not the long languishing socks of years past. Socks that were finished in UNDER a month of cast-on. You may say, “But Cinna, LOTS of people finish socks quickly” and “Many knitters finish the projects they start” or “Imagine how fast they could have been done if you weren’t working on 15 projects in the last month”. Yeah, but not me. Not this lady. I have epic cases of 2nd sock syndrome (and start-itus). Last year I finished a pair of socks I started in 2012. This year, I might actually finish a pair of socks I started in 2013 (I had one sock and most of the cuff completed of the 2nd before I tossed them aside).

About the Socks

Thick Boot Socks

Now if you want to get into technicalities, one of the pairs had an unfair advantage. It was knit on size 4 needles with the yarn held double. AND they were for a sock class series I’m teaching. To be honest, the pattern was AWFUL. Since I want my students to be happy with their finished project, I literally re-wrote the pattern from the toe-up. I changed the cast-on, gave expanded stitch count options so the sock would fit an actual adult (instead of a child), re-tooled the short-row heel so it wouldn’t have holes or be too shallow, modified the leg and ribbing ratios (who want to knit 5.5 inches of ribbing, ugh), AND fixed the cast-off (because a regular cast off doesn’t actually work for socks).

About the yarn: Sometime between 2010 and 2014 my spouse purchased two huge balls of sock yarn from a random (not yarn) shop while on a work trip to Germany. I’ve managed to lose the ball bands. Both of them. I know its a wool/nylon blend. I know there’s a bunch of yardage. I made 3 socks from the yarn, and there’s still a bunch left! Yes, 3 socks. The one sock might be ripped out, its absurdly long and narrow. I am using it to illustrate that socks will stretch to accommodate a larger width, given additional length.

My leftovers. (To be more socks)

Say Yes to Pie Socks

Last month, one of my favorite local dyers (AT Haynes House Yarns) did a Trunk Show at my LYS. I picked up two colors of their awesome sock base: “You Say Yes?” and “Pumpink Vs. Sweet Potato”. I designed a toe-up sock. Which I love. And I was CRAZY EXCITED to finish (because I’ll be releasing the pattern this summer). BUUUUUT, I made them a little long. And didn’t make them with enough negative ease (I like a really snug sock). SO while I could wear them, I wouldn’t be thrilled with them.

Not wonky, just baggy.

There is a silver lining: They are the perfect size for a man’s foot, and the pattern is ABSOLUTELY UNISEX (bonus because now my pattern will accommodate more feet). Spouse doesn’t wear knit socks (they are too warm for him), but his dad has a birthday coming up and has constantly chilly feet since his heart surgery 8 years ago. Now for the bright side, I still have 2 ounces of the purple left!!!!!!! I can RE-SIZE THEM AND KNIT ANOTHER PAIR! In the name of pattern design perfection and testing, of course. I have enough of the orange to make socks on their own too. I’m winning all the way around.

They are even baggy on my ankles. I really wanted them for my very own.

Up Next:

Finishing 3 baby blankets, finishing those socks from 2013, then I can start on a sweater design from the AT Haynes House Worsted base! AHHHH- I’ve got IDEAS. But I REALLY need to finish those blankets in April. Like REALLY REALLY.

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