The Name Game

I’m always thinking about my design work. My current project, my next, the next next, the someday I’ll sit down and figure out how to execute this weird construction project that won’t likely get released for mass consumption project.

My Next-Next design project.

This week, I’ve been about super comfy. I since mid-March I have made it a point to get dressed every day. Actual pants that I would wear in public, a real bra, sometimes I even blow dry my hair and/or put on make up. This week, its been a lot of barely-qualifying-as-pants (they have buttons, zippers and pockets) and oversized sweaters and sweatshirts.But the last few days I am beginning to realize, its going to be too warm to wear sweatshirts and my oversized long sleeve sweaters soon.

This got me thinking, what do I need in my closet to continue my almost schlubby fashion aesthetic? What looks like you put thought into your outfit but in reality you just grabbed the comfy thing to throw over your favorite stained tank top? A top: short sleeved, oversized, slightly cropped (to avoid it looking “tent like”), not too heavy, probably not wool, that utilizes yarn I have on hand, and that matches my wardrobe. Yeah, and I want it to work up within 30 hours of work time. Easy, right??

The design sketch of a slouchy lazy-day top

And I think I want to call it” I didn’t want to actually get dressed today, yet here we are”. No. Don’t tell me: the name needs some work. I’ll admit, I’m pretty rubbish at naming my patterns. Its a lot of pressure. I err on the side of absurd in general, so giving my work something vaguely descriptive is my go to. Enter the tremendously original and memorable pattern name Wide Garter Stripe Shawl. I don’t think “Examining Existential Dread #4” has quire the same appeal as the “Bromeliad Cardigan”. You can’t go naming your knit and crochet pieces like some kind of college art class project series. Can you??

Are you enticed by pattern names? Or is it entirely the photography of the project that draws you in?


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