May Recap

In addition to reading a bunch of books, may has been somewhat creatively productive. I finished my long term WIP “dresser socks”. I finished my Wide Garter Stripe Shawl (#3). I started and REstarted my “PlumBody to Love” top (I’m about to start the front neckline!). I am also working on a hat pattern for release (constructing a cable chart is tedious work)- its entered the test knitting phase now! I may be on my way to completing my 3rd version of the hat (since May 19th). Funny how our best intentions get derailed! And no crochet projects this past month. June will be different, I’ve got IDEAS for more (crochet) blankets and (crochet) hats rattling around in my brain!

So despite being SO excited about my sweater at the beginning of the month, I’m feeling all the love for my new hat pattern. Its got a wide and interesting to work cable. It has different textures. Its UNISEX in its styling!! Which I love, because hats make awesome gifts. And most guys I know will wear a hat but NOT a scarf!

Unassuming Hat version 1. I’m going to slap a pom-pom on this babe too!

The original idea was born from a yarn I purchased at Christmas 2019. Being 30% Alpaca (and therefore prone to stretching) I made sure I knit it at a tight gauge (like my Quigley hat which has worn PERFECTLY). My second version is fingering held double- WHICH IS MY FAVORITE. My 3rd version is made of Lion Brand Wool-Ease, which has the smallest gauge of all three versions. Before I’m through making this hat, I will likely attempt a 100% acrylic version. I like knowing how different fiber contents will affect the final product. I know everyone is working within a different budget- designing with the expectation that every hat SHOULD use a $30 yarn is super elitist. Also- totally impractical if you do a lot of charity crafting.

I’ve used the same old, inexpensive Susan Bates 16″ circular needles for each iteration. The joins are smooth, the aluminum is slippery- why replace something that works. Even if it DOES have a persistent kink in the middle of the cable. I’ve noticed the newer Susan Bates needles aren’t nearly as nice, which is disappointing. When the join finally does give way (they all do eventually- regardless of price point) I’ll likely replace them with Chiaogoo red. I’ve been really digging those lately, even if the cable does have a bit of drag to it; the tips are worth the trade. What I’m NOT loving is my cable needle. I prefer the wood ones, like these. But I seem to have misplaced my two smallest from the Brittany set. So I’ve been using the one pictured. I curse how its not QUITE right and that I want my wood one back. And yes, I COULD use a DPN, I find them too long for this kind of cable. Next time I need yarn, I’ll purchase another set. But for now, I’m making due with what I have.

Pending test completion, my release goal for the Unassuming Hat is June 10th- Stay Tuned! I’m really excited to share this super fun project with all of you!

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