Process V. Project

No such thing as too many knits. Circa Nov. 2019

What kind of creator are you? Do you create for the joy of creating or do you create for the desire of a finished project?

For the longest time I was a process knitter and a project crocheter. I frequently knit to knit and crocheted when I have something specific (usually a gift) to complete with a deadline. And by knit to knit, I mean, I started a LOT of projects and abandoned them when something more interesting presented itself. Sure, I finished projects, but not as many as I started.

Since I’ve seriously started designing this year, I’ve seen myself become a project knitter as well as a project crocheter. I have project milestones for pattern design, and these require focus. Even though I’m transitioning to a project-focused creative process, its not a monogamous project situation. I need at least 2 active projects going at once. In a perfect world, I would have a knit and a crochet project going. But it all depends on what deadlines I’ve looming.

Right now I have 3 projects: My Faire Stripe Sweater (fall release??!?!?), my Currents Scarf (an old, unreleased pattern of mine that I’m re-knitting and releasing), and a giant Randclaw blanket that I started this afternoon.

Faire Stripe Sweater (in AT Haynes House Yarns Alien Worsted. Curry Goat, Brownie, The Good Ice). Ready to split the sleeves off!!

Since my knitting has changed to project focused, my yarn buying habits have changed as well. I’m still working toward minimizing my stash so I can purchase specific for design, and not have to be worried about storage. Seriously, I want ALL of my stash to fit into one area without overflow. I have ideas for MOST of my stash, sweater quantities for 3-4 (adult) sweaters, a handful of cowls and scarves, the obvious sock. I also have some mohair (not kid silk, but worsted/bulky grayish/brown stuff) to de-stash. I have NO idea what to do with it. I can’t wait to keep working through my stash (and my overflow trunk stash) and get everything stored neatly in my closet where it belongs!

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