Virtually Normal


I’ve had a busy couple of days with no real “progress” on my main projects. But its all good stuff!

Mundane Desk Coffee

I miss teaching even more than sitting in a cafe alone with a book, my knitting/crochet and a steamy hot soy chai. After 3 months of NOT teaching, I was contacted by one of my students asking if we could do a virtual group class. OF COURSE! So once we agreed on a day, time, and platform, it was time to jump into creating class samples AND our instructions! Two of my students started the year with the KAL Afghan Block-a-Month at the big box store I teach at. Because of copyrights, I won’t use the teaching materials provided by the store. So we came up with two options to work up: an easy eyelet and an intermediate cable. I adapted both stitch patterns to meet the needs of our long-term project and both stitches have instructions on how to turn the stitch into a scarf using a different weight yarn.

I’m so excited to teach my first virtual class!

A sneak peak at my class squares!

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