Best Laid Plans

If you asked me 12 hours ago what I expected to be doing this morning, my answer would be going hiking with my kids. Apparently my kids just want to stay in the house all day- because despite my requests to get dressed, they remain in the jammies.

I know its been over a week without project updates or equipment musings. Have no fear, things here are pretty normal. I took some time to go visit my Grandmother for her birthday. My plans to go visit her back in March were thwarted by COVID-19. Even though we are still in the midst of the first wave (part 2), I took into account that we have been really good about following isolation protocol. I haven’t been around any groups of people, all activities have been designated as very low risk, I mask up when leaving the house, and I wash my hands frequently.

Faire Stripe Sweater

Its off the needles!! Blocking and ends remain.

Its done! I finished on July 3rd. I haven’t wove in the ends yet, but its in the 90 (above 32 C). It will be MONTHS before I can actually wear the piece. I have the pattern grading to do, then its testing. So we are looking at a late August release.

I LOVE this finished piece. This yarn (Alien Worsted) was so awesome to work with! It is plush and soft and the beautiful colors just GLOW. Terri at AT Haynes House Yarns is a fiber magician! I honestly can’t say enough nice things about her or her work! Not only does she do beautiful work, she is really committed to engaging with the fiber community. She does frequent live feeds via Instagram.

The full chest measurement of this sweater is 46″ pre-blocking: about 1-2″ of positive ease at the chest and 10″ at the waist. Its comfy and not at all fitted in the body. I like relaxed fit sweaters a lot more now that I’m post-kids and quickly approaching 40. If you like a sweater with waist shaping, it would be really easy to add some. I used virtually ALL of my 4 skeins.

All that remains.

Say Yes to Pie Socks

Progress through yesterday morning

I started my second pair of Say Yes to Pie socks on Saturday (before I left my Grandma’s house to come home). I put in the heel marker (I’m doing an afterthought heel variation called the Peasant Heel) and am currently working on the short leg before the ribbing. If things continue to progress as quick as they’ve been, I’ll finish this sock, sans heel, tomorrow and cast-on the next. I’m absolutely going to have this pair finished before July 15th, a “deadline” for a Ravelry Challenge I decided to participate in. Pattern release scheduled for Late July, STAY TUNED!!

Giant Randclaw Blanket

Its monstrously huge!

This blanket is SOOOOO big! The 5 balls of Blanket didn’t yield a blanket as large as I thought I wanted to make. And with the striped yarn being discontinued, I decided to go with an off-white. It looks cool. IT IS ENORMOUS. I’ll capture pictures and measure it once I finish it. With the P/10mm hook it goes SUPER fast! I have an intended recipient- I’m not sure if I’m going to wait to give it in-person or mail it. I seriously don’t know if I have a box large enough to ship this huge thing!!

Up Next….

Yarns, patiently waiting for use. Left: Handspun Cowl, Right:Scheepjes Whirl for crochet shawl, Center: AT Haynes House “Its Nobody’s Birthday” for the “Merry UnBirthday” hat.

As soon as I finish my socks I can start on my “Merry UnBirthday!” hat, its a knit/unslouch version of my Wintery Mix Slouch Hat. The gauge is smaller, and I’m not sure I’ll be adding a pom-pom. I also have a handspun cabled cowl, that will also be suitable for commercially available yarn (such as Spin Cycle). Also in the queue, a crochet Skull shawl or Virus shawl out of Scheepjes Whirl- I haven’t decided which pattern I’m using.

I also have some projects for the Lost Knits File to finish. They are a bit of a low priority, but I still want to get them completed so I have more space to organize my supplies.

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5 responses to “Best Laid Plans”

  1. Oh my gosh- I love that sweater. The contrast color at the neck and the cuffs is just the right amount of unexpected


  2. Oh my gosh – I love that sweater. The light blue contrast color at the neckline and the cuffs is just the right amount of unexpected!


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