Deadlines and Rambling

Arbitrary deadlines to stress about to be exact. I’m participating in a Ravelry based challenge in one of the Stash Down groups. It runs from May 1st to July 15th. I initially had 5 projects. PlumBody to Love (still procrastinating on pictures and wrapping up pattern writing), Faire Stripes Sweater (also procrastinating on pattern grading, pictures, testing, writing), Wide Garter Stripe Shawl (actually finished), the Afestos Shawl (from the lost knits file), and my Say Yes to Pie Socks (smaller size). I also added 6 additional projects. 2 adult sized crochet blankets and 4 hats. July 15th is coming up SOOOOOON (like 2 days). And my old WIP is still not QUITE done (it’ll be its own post). There are no consequences for not finishing my projects. No one is going to flagellate me or take away my maker license. There are LITERALLY NO CONSEQUENCES for bailing or failing. Conversely, there are no prizes or awards for succeeding either.


When I started my socks on July 4th, I was feeling REALLY confident about my timeline. I finished that first sock in a couple days, I immediately cast-on that 2nd sock, worked through to halfway through the ribbing (of a toe-up sock) and got distracted. Seriously. I had less than an hour of ribbing and the heels to do (3 total hours of work). And then, I got distracted. Of course I did. Because finishing isn’t my strong suit. It isn’t just fiber arts. My spouse gets on me about my procrastination ALL THE TIME. The errands, folding the laundry, my assignments when I was in grad school. It NEVER takes as long to do or be as obnoxiously complicated as I have in my mind.

I got side tracked by a post July 15th project. A crochet granny square blanket/afghan. I usually do a boring basic granny square. But this time: I have other ideas. I’m reinventing the wheel friends. Or rather I’m starting out with a wheel and finding the best way to square it… because I don’t know if I want to seam octagons.

I’ve scrapped this outside edge and have a second circle with the lavender center.

But I Digress!

Two feet. Two socks. CORRECT SIZE!!!!

My socks. They did get finished on the 11th. My kitchner on this pair is ON POINT too. This coming weekend, I’m going to try and get my spouse to model the larger size sock for me. I tried months ago, and he wasn’t feeling it. Having a too big sock on my foot isn’t that attractive. If all else fails, I can a.) put on a hiking sock as a base layer and put the big sock over top or b.) fashion some sock blockers to model them (which I should do anyway). With the limited amount of work left to do on the pattern (continuity and flow editing, pictures) I am looking at a release by July 25th! Stay tuned for that official announcement.

Now, I’m off to watch Warrior Nun on Netflix (I love watching borderline cheesy shows) and make some progress on my (slightly modified) Afestos Shawl.

Knitty Pile! Knit until I’m out of yarn or there are only a few stitches left. Whichever comes first.

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