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  • A Year of Projects: Week 8.5

    Last week was atypical, as in the kids had 1 normal day of school (Monday), 2 late start days, 1 early dismissal day, and no school Friday. Teacher conferences! Everything felt out of sorts and sitting down to type up anything seemed too “much”. But today, I added blog to my to-do list. And I […]

  • Get Over It.

    I had a head cold. It was AWFUL. Just kidding, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that bad. At first, I thought it was just allergies, but then I was more tired and irritable than usual. Tuesday I had a slightly sore throat (I had the bedroom window open and the fan blowing […]

  • Too Many Tasks

    Having my kids back in school 2 days a week is a great mental break for me. I have these great machinations that I’m going to do ALL THE THINGS and be SOOOOOO productive. Spoiler: I cannot squeeze 10 hours of tasks into the 8:15-10:50 time slot. I got a quarter of my tasks accomplished […]

  • Year of Projects: Weeks 30/31

    Sometime I feel I need to post only when I have groundbreaking stuff to share. I don’t. I’m going to blame the month of March for my lax blogging. No reason. I just don’t want to take responsibility for being absent. I stash busted a C2C baby blanket for my spouse’s niece. Who is due […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 26

    I think I’m approaching that time of year when everything starts to blend in together and one day becomes the next with no real delineation yet you still mark the passage of time in days, weeks, months. This is what Deep Winter does to me. Today is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. But that’s not a […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 24

    No lie, last week WIPED ME OUT. Publishing and promoting my Merry Un-Birthday Hat was most of my week. I had been working on Merry Un-Birthday since JULY of 2020, I’m so happy that its been released into the wild. This also makes 17 YOP items completed since August! Get the pattern FREE (rav link) […]

  • Baby, Take a Break.

    A number of connotations in the title, this being Friday, the 8th of January, 2021 and all. First, I need a break from the news cycle. The insurrection of the 6th is still being processed in my mind; I have a lot of feelings right now. None of them are sympathetic to the perpetrators terrorizing […]

  • Addition and Subtraction

    I’m not TRYING to grow my stash. I swear! It’s just… I can spend money faster than I can knit or crochet. And the pretties… they CALL to me! We stayed in Williamsburg last week, we had an outdoor wedding to attend last weekend, and my in-laws had a bunch of timeshare they needed to […]

  • Year Of Projects: Week 5

    Sorry friends, no finishes this week. I’ve made a bunch of additional masks, did some scrappy projects for wrangling said masks (read more about it here if you want), and worked on two other projects. Justine I’m further than this now. Justine isn’t part of my YOP projects, but I love it and want to […]

  • Scraptastic

    Yesterday I got the itch to work on some small projects to corral masks for myself and the kids. Our entryway is SUPER tiny, so making the most of my space is important. Additionally, since my space is SOO tiny, keeping it organized is a must. Disorganization looks like a huge mess. I made three […]