I had every intention of writing this post yesterday, but the afternoon/evening got away from me. Ah, life.

Even with the poor lighting of early evening, this blanket looks great!

Have you ever seen a yarn that instantly makes you think of a specific friend? That’s exactly what happened with this project. I had no idea what to do with the 5 skeins I snatched up (on sale) back in February, but I DID know that this yarn was screaming Justine’s name. To be honest, I really LOVE the new Lion Brand colorways. Self-striping yarns are my jam. They let me create, they yarn does all the work, and forces me to not obsess about where color changes happen. As a control freak, this can be liberating OR obnoxious, depending on the day.


It was months before I had an idea about what to create, or a few additional cakes to complete my idea. I’ve made a few blankets out of the Cupcake yarn, as a single strand already. They take up considerable time. A couple Christmases ago, I KNIT blankets for my kids on size 5 needles. Each blanket took 5 balls and 3 months- I’m being somewhat hyperbolic when I say it nearly broke me. I know myself, if a project is taking too long, I abandon it and move on. Hence the holding of the yarn as a double.

Honestly, I hadn’t planned on writing up a pattern. Especially not with this yarn, only because it is not easy to clearly see where the directional changes are. But have no fear, I have just the solid yarns waiting around, ready to be used!

Tech Specs: 8 cakes of Lion Brand Cupcake in Tutu Much. K/6.5 mm hook. Finished dimensions: 64”x54”.


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