Making Progress

I belong to a stash down group on Ravelry, and they periodically do short events, in addition to their super long-term goal of using up stash. I’m currently working through a “dash” that started the end of July and runs through mid-October. The premise is that you add a bunch of projects and yarn to a basket (real or virtual) that you want to finish within the dash period. I did one earlier in the year, and I found it really motivating. Which I why I decided to participate again. This go around, I believe I have fewer projects to complete, and will not complete them all.

A pic of Chaos Cables taken 10/1: 10:08PM

Here’s a list of my projects:
Currents Scarf (completed and pattern available here)
Handspun Cowl (which became Chaos Cables) (completed pattern coming soon)
Sunspots Blanket (completed)
HPW Stripes (completed)
Justine (completed, likely pattern release early 2021)
Cute-Fight Sweater (WIP)
Xmas Stockings 1-4 (1 body finished, 2nd body started)
PlumBody to Love, wool edition (project limbo, no yarn picked)

Spidey for scale. I’m going to do all the fold-down, initialed collars at the end, then line them in fabric.

I LOVE crossing stuff of my to-do list. It keeps me focused. I’ve been known, in years past, to have a dozen projects going and never finishing any of them.

As soon as I finish up my sweater and those stockings (chunky yarn for the WIN), I am going to cast on a cowl version of chaos cables. I like having all iterations personally tested before releasing to pattern testers. I know this slows down the process, but I want it to be RIGHT!

The Unassuming Hat: from early summer.

I also have a pair of Unassuming Hats (ravelry link here) to knit for Xmas. I already have 2 skeins of Shepherd’s Wool ready to go. I don’t have any gold pom-poms, but next time I head to the fabric store, I’ll grab a quarter yard of plush faux-fur to make my own.

Concurrent to all my project goals, I’ve been making the effort to use 100 balls of stash yarn in 2020. I only count the balls once the projects are complete (motivation to complete stuff). I’m currently at 71. This isn’t all yarn used this year. Its yarn that has been purchased for no specific project in mind, leftover from larger projects that just languish, or gift yarns. I have a couple of projects that once finished, will add considerably to the goal. Using 29 balls of stash yarn in 3 months: ABSOLUTELY DOABLE. Even if its likely to come down to the wire on New Year’s Eve!


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