Year of Projects: Week 6

Make all the things that are not on the list. Then lament the list is not shrinking.

I’ve been plugging away on my Chaos Cables/Handspun mash-up. This morning I started the third of three balls for the cabled section. Due to the depth and diameter of this cowl, I believe it will be prudent to bring in the cowl for the neck ribbing by about half, effectively turning it into a caplet shape. This also means the top ribbing has the potential to be twice the length of the bottom, and foldable. For people who live in moderate climates, this could be worn in lieu of a coat; I’m 100% planning on wearing this OVER the shoulders of my coat. I might look weird, but at least I’ll be WARM.

Chaos Cables as of the afternoon of 9/27

This past week, I had to go to the post office to ship a couple gifts for friends. Bonus: my LYS is LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE POST OFFICE. Recently, my very awesome and lovely LYS (the Knot House. THEY SHIP) has by appointment only shopping opportunities Thurs-Sun! I absolutely coordinated my post office trip so I could schedule my LYS visit. I actually showed up with a list. I purchased the yarns for the reasonably sized version of Chaos Cables. Malabrigo Rios in Aniversario and Knot House Yarns Worsted in Hot Pants!

An ARM LOAD of pretties!!!!

I also needed a new pair of (long) size 8/5mm circulars. I had a pair of Susan Bates needles (circa 2003/4) that the cable was beginning to form cracks; this situation did not inspire confidence. The metal of my new Hiya Hiyas are super slick and CRAZY POINTY. I also needed some new wooden cable needles. I got the grooved Knitters Pride set. They are ok. I lost one of my Brittany wood cable needles (the middle size, that I use all the time) some time ago. I’ve been limping by on various metal and plastic ones that I already own. Nothing has been quite the same. The Knot House had a different non-grooved set of cable needles, but they were too long for my preference. I tried looking for the Brittany ones this past spring, but I was having a difficult time finding them.

So delightfully bright. Just like the friend its named after.

I finished up Justine earlier this week. Its awesome. I’m going to pattern develop it in solids starting mid-October. Debating on yarn held single or double (like the original); maybe I’ll do both if I’m feeling overly ambitious.

Still plugging away on my Cute-Fight sweater. I tried it on the other day. I still have 10 inches of body to go. DK weight sweater…. WHAT WAS I THINKING. No good photos. It looks like a pink/purple/green/grey blob.

YOP count still at 7. Have machinations to finish Chaos Cables v. 1.0 this coming week.


11 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 6”

    • The blanket is deceptively simple! If you are familiar with the Missy Elliot song, “Work It” from 2002, the basic premise of the crazy directional change is also “flip it and reverse it”. As soon as I finish up some other time sensitive stuff, I’m going to whip up another blanket (in solids) and make photo and video tutorials!


  1. I have no LYS anywhere near me so I have to order everything online but that’s okay because I get wonderful ideas and pictures from my blog friends. Like those beautiful yarns in your photo! Justine is so pretty and I love the colors of the chaos cables cowl. I think over the shoulders will be nice and warm. I’ve seen them before and I think they look very nice. Stay safe and stay well.

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    • I keep trying on the caplet/cowl and I am anxious for it to be complete AND for the temperatures to drop so I can wear it. This is the first thing I’ve made with my handspun in quite some time.


  2. I love my LYS and actually have 3 more within a 30 min drive. It’s one of the negatives of moving to Florida. Yarn shops don’t seem to be real popular in South Florida. But I do have to control myself as I can buy yarn MUCH faster than I can knit it. Really trying to keep the purchases down this year. So for me cancelled yarn shows have been a blessing from that standpoint but I miss the “girls weekends” that were planned.

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  3. Ooohhhh. I haven’t been inside a yarn store for forever it seems. I have ordered a fair bit since the March lockdown, and I am awaiting a KnitPick order as I write this. Yes, sweaters knit in anything finer than worsted take FOREVER, but I am sure it will be lovely and well worth the time. Can’t wait to see it.

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