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  • Year of Projects: Week 52

    Wrap it up, B! Welcome! This post culminates my first year participating in YOP (Year of Projects), a Ravelry group loosely affiliated in sharing goals and accomplishments via blog for 52 consecutive weeks. The group is in its 11th year; I will participate for another year. I’m going to call my first year goal ambitious. […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 50/51

    OOf. It’s a good thing school is starting back up again soon, because I seem to have lost track of time and days recently. I am, at my heart a creature of habit and ROUTINE. Having lost so many of my routine activities (teaching knit/crochet, the gym, kids’ activities), I sometimes find myself adrift. As […]

  • A Year of Projects: Week 49

    My YOP year is winding down to a close! This week I FINALLY crossed another item off my list. I am pleased to announce the release of the Acute Shawl on Ravelry! This simple crochet shawl is written in US/American terms, has instructions for 3 weights (fingering, DK, worsted), and is suitable to crocheters of […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 48

    Last week I had a couple of VERY quiet days when the kids went camping with their Grandparents. Much fun was had by all, and my kids were happy to be back home. Because apparently they missed us, even though we won’t let them eat chocolate at breakfast like my parents did. Aside: my parents […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 47

    WOW. I’m 47/52 weeks into my first YOP. I was looking at my YOP list this morning- I don’t think I’m going to cross 15 additional items off my list in the next 5 weeks (I wanted to cross 20 items off my almost 40 item list). I know the goals are arbitrary. I know […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 45/46

    Project monogamy really makes for some boring blogging. Oh look, it’s the same project I’ve been showing you, now 1/2” longer. No new YOP official updates. Plugging away on my hobbit door and Until We Win: Fight projects. I also wanted to share my logo stickers! I got them last week and never showed them […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 41

    Holidays always get me all twisted around with my days. Today is Monday, not the customary Sunday when I (SHOULD) do my Year of Projects Posts (YOP). Other Stuff First: I’m mostly better from my mild illness. So much better in fact that my favorite trainer did his annual Memorial Day workout in the park […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 40

    WOW. I only have 12 more weeks left of my first YOP. Dang. This last week brought a lot of doing, but not much knitting. I finished a tiny concept hat: it works. I need to test it out on and actual baby to see if its appropriately sized. I forget how tiny real newborn […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 38/39

    As I start typing this, I have NO idea what to write about. I’ve been making some slow progress on “stuff”. Here is a recap (some of which has been chronicled since my last YOP post). The photos on my phone would suggest that I’ve done little fiber stuff and a small amount of sewing. […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 37

    I can unveil my baby gifts for my bestie, her shower was yesterday. It was great to see her and share a wonderful day outside. For the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, I made the smallest, the 134 c/o, with a large gauge (I think I had 4.75 stitches/in on a size 8/5mm). I […]