So I have a hard time keeping track of my cable needles. I seem to lose them more than any other tool I possess. My all time favorite cable needle is from Brittany. I like them because they are short, smooth, but not slippery, and they have a slight non-ridged indent in the center. I used to have 3. I now have 1, the largest. This size, I find, unsuitable for worsted cables. I really need to scour the internet more diligently for a replacement set.

You may recall, I purchased a 3 pack at my LYS last week of Knitters’ Pride small, straight, grooved cable needles. They are ok. I find the ridges to be a bit too deep for my personal preferences. I digress. Last night, I was watching Enola Holmes with my spouse and working on my Chaos Cables cowl. It was time to do a cable row, BUT WHERE THE HECK IS MY NEW CABLE NEEDLE. It wasn’t tucked into the cowl. It wasn’t at the bottom of the bag or tucked into the yarn cake. I came upstairs, retracing all my steps on the places I’ve worked on it. Not in the living room couch. Not under the other furniture. Not at my desk. Or the dining room table, or under the rug. Or in a catch-all box. My medium sized cable needle was NOWHERE. It was MISSING!! A thing that I had used only hours before had vanished.

So, I did the logical thing. I got a new needle and soldiered on.

This morning. I had started writing this post. Lamenting my lost cable needle. I went to snap a picture. I got out my white foam board. I lined up every cable needle I could find.

Then. In the midst of my line-up. THE MISSING RED CABLE NEEDLE. I have no idea how it got there. I would have recalled picking it up.

A band of misfits. My favorite styles from left to right.

There you go. A magical window into my curious morning. The case of the missing cable needle solved. The potential for haunted cable needles: open.

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7 responses to “Mysterious”

  1. Interesting. I’ve never used a cable needle, despite having knit Chimney Fire which had 3 sets of different cables on each side all, the way down. I use a stitch marker to pop them off and on to. It has worked ok for me but probably a cable needle would be something I should try in the future.

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    • Oh WOW, that’s a beautiful cardigan!
      As long as you are doing what works for you, no reason to change now. I know a number of people who just use a DPN, but I personally found them to long for me to comfortably use.

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    • Even after almost 20 years, sometimes I don’t have the right needle size in the right configuration (too long circular, missing DPNs, long straight instead of short). Just when you think you have it ALL, you discover something you need.

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