Good Project Notes

In true to me fashion, I have really waited until the last minute to work on these Christmas stockings for a friend. See, I don’t generally take commissions, unless they have an open-ended timeline and creative control. These stockings fit the bill. Sometimes casually mentioning something to me sets the creative gears in my head into motion.

1 of 4. Where I tacked the floats is less noticeable IRL.

It took me 6 months to order the yarn, and then another 4 months to actually start working on them. Once started, they have turned out pretty quick. I made all 4 bodies. After the first 2, I realized I didn’t like the toe. I switched from a traditional sock toe (complete with kitchner finishing) to a swirly hat style decrease. Yes, I absolutely ripped out the first 2 toes and redid them so all 4 match! The toe area lays flatter and is delightfully rounded. I pulled a chart for the letters. I could have done my own, but I would rather spend the time working on the project itself as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

I think, even with all the stuff I have going on today, that I can get 2 more cuffs worked and attached. Leaving one (and the linings) for tomorrow. I sent a picture of the first to my friend this morning, and she loves it!


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