Today is election day in the states. It seems that the nation is voting on the soul of the country. I cast my ballot via absentee and dropped it off at an official collection box a couple weeks ago. Today I got email confirmation that my ballot was counted. I feel a sense of relief that my voice will be heard via my duty as a citizen. Regardless of how this madness all shakes out, I feel that my vote for something larger than myself will have been important.

Pic from October 23rd.

In an attempt to stay sane (hahhaha), I’ve been distracting myself with projects. Once I finished my Mini Chaos, I cast-on a cardigan out of some deep stash. I purchased some Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed back in 2010/2011 to make a cabled sweater. It has a moderate alpaca content, so I am currently rethinking my purchase (because alpaca has a tendency to grow). But it’s too late to return it now. The yarn calls itself a worsted with a recommended needle size of 8/5mm. I respectfully disagree with this assessment. Its DK at best and I’m using a 6/4mm. It will be a top down cardigan with cables at the fronts, the raglan centers, and when I divide off the sleeves at the sides as well. The placket will be picked up, as well the neck. Considering ribbing for the neck and folded for the placket. I like taking a wait and see approach to design sometimes. The yarn dictates the vision, not the other way around.


This yarn is discontinued, so it’s unlikely that I will turn the sweater into a pattern. I’m still taking notes, never say never. I may knit another in a different, non-discontinued yarn. The future: so unclear.

I also finished up another batch of masks this morning. I washed 65 masks this morning! I have to iron, label, and bag them still- but the sewing is complete! These are destined for the High School at the end of my street and my kids’ Elementary School (for staff, administration, and teachers). I’m not done making masks, I haven’t run out of elastic YET. I honestly have no idea how many I’ve sewn. I’ll make a guess of about 200-250. And I’m almost out of quilting/cotton fabric- something to really celebrate!

After finishing all those masks, I quickly stitched up a pillow for my new chair. Brights are my jam. And the Batik fat quarters turned throw pillow are perfect for my aesthetic. I should have sewn in a zipper. But I didn’t want to. So I had to torture myself with hand sewing the opening together. It’s done, but in retrospect I should have just put in the zipper.

According to West Elm, this chair is pink.

In non crafting related life happenings, I purchased myself a new cookbook. I know, weird since the internet has every recipe I could ever want to make. I also just sold a dozen cookbooks to my local used media retailer, so adding a new cookbook seems silly. Yet with all these considerations, the Snoop Dogg cookbook is now part of my collection. And before you start with the “420/green” jokes, all the recipes are legal in all 50 states and the territories too. I’ve paged through it and have earmarked a handful of recipes that I want to try. The fluffy biscuits, the cinnamon buns, the orange chicken, the “mack and cheese”, thanksgiving turkey, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies just to name a few. I will try and remember to share my results.

Until another day, where I’ll talk about some of the books I’ve read/listened to over the last couple months.

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