Lazy Problems

Stupid snarly bits.

More on the Cardi B saga! As I’ve been lamenting for weeks, I wish I had just ONE MORE SKEIN. But the yarn is old and discontinued and blah blah blah. Some of my problems could have been solved if I blocked my swatch, and I am not about to do that now. Alpaca and alpaca blends are notorious for growing in length. But its not a fixed percentage across the board. I’m going to hope that will give my project a tad more length in the arms and body, so their shortness will be somewhat less noticable.

Which brings us to me working from both ends of the ball. The yarn tangle looks AWFUL. I decreased the sleeves to do the ribbing, but need my DPNs to finish. I speculate that I will need less yarn to do the plackets and finish up the neck line than I will need to do the bottom ribbing. I currently have a little over an inch of bottom ribbing, with a desired ribbing length of 3-4″. I’m not ready to cut the sleeve yarn and reattach it later. So I’m working from both ends of the yarn as I attempt to make the most of my materials.

Which brings me to buttons. I forgot all about closures until the other day! Today I rummaged through my button box. It is pretty wiped out. I don’t really know how many buttons I want. But it is significantly more than 4 (maybe 8??). Which is what I have for most of my appropriate buttons. I saw some really nice ones when I was at the Flying Needles in Williamsburg…. But $60 for 9 buttons seemed unreasonable to me. This isn’t the type of project that, I believe, needs stunning handcrafted buttons. Perhaps I’m just being overly frugal.

I don’t know how much knitting I’m going to get accomplished over the next couple days with Thanksgiving. We have opted to stay home, so we are going to put together a smaller meal for the four of us. I think I’m going to make Brioche or Challah bread this year, it’s been a long time since I’ve made either. And my daughter wants to do a sweet potato pie, so we’ve got that on our plate tomorrow too!


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