That New Project Itch

I’m super close to completion with my Cardi B. Which means I kinda want to stop working on it and immediately cast-on a NEW PROJECT.

While I love designing my own projects/patterns, I don’t always love deciding what finishing to include. My Cardi B button bands are causing me some consternation. It took me multiple tries to get the first one (a fold-over) to a place I thought I liked. But then I started tacking it together. And now I don’t like it, partially because its TEDIOUS. Which brings me to the 2nd button band which I’m going to try 2×2 ribbing on, fast lays better. I still haven’t decided what kind of button holes. YO or cast-off button holes? Likely the cast-off because the most likely buttons are 7/8″. Designer decisions!!

My cast-on projects are actually Christmas 2020 gifts! I have a couple of hats to make (I’ll be using my Unassuming Hat pattern available for FREE on Ravelry). I also want to make my kids’ teachers little gifts. I’m thinking fingerless mitts or convertible mitts. Once school is back in sessions, winter recesses will exist in the future. And both have dogs- which need walking even in winter. The hats NEED to be finished, the mitts are wishful thinking. Practical, but easily replaceable with a gift card.

I’m still plugging away on the Kyyyyle Blanket. I’m on Row 3. I think this puts me at halfway. No deadline, so I can work on this whenever.

The kids are in bed. Now is time to watch a movie or a show with the spouse and work on Cardi B some more!


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