Year of Projects: Week 16

Lots of Words, All in Print.

Winning with a finish this week! I completed my Cardi B on Friday, and blogged about it here. I love it, I have just a little bit of yarn left, but am counting all 5 balls as being gone from stash. My only wish: it was chilly enough to wear around the house! Yes, I believe blocking WILL fix the button band not laying flat. Also, eventually buttons (LOL).

My awful mirror selfie! I was too lazy to get the tripod.

Over the summer I released a pattern called the Unassuming Hat (Ravelry Link), I knit 4 of them in the span of a month. Honestly, I REALLY love this pattern. Its unisex and works up quickly. The cable keeps it from being too boring. My spouse’s niece mentioned liking the cream with the yellow pom-pom one quite a bit. Which led to me telling her I was going to knit her and her husband matching hats for Christmas. Which brings us to December (today), when I’m finally knitting the hats to put in the mail for Christmas. While not officially on my YOP list, it was on my to-knit list. And I love the pattern and wanted to put it out there a little more.

Lawd!! I LOVE me some provisional cast-on!!

I started the hat Friday evening. Honestly, I LOVE provisional cast on. It’s a little bit of extra work, but it makes a huge difference! I finished the brim Saturday, and today I worked just over 1.5 repeats in the body (18 rows ea). Hopefully I can finish this hat by Tuesday and start the 2nd (identical except the pom-pom) on Wednesday. I want to have all my gifts in the mail by 12/14 for the holidays.


This weekend was also spent making cookies. I did Brownie Biscotti, Glazed Maple Shortbread, and Sugar Cookies. I also purchased the kids a “Ninjabread”cookie set from Target, we made those yesterday and decorated them today. The kids were excited to make their own Ninjabread Man, just like in the book (the Ninjabread Man). I am weirded out by they HONEY the instructions had us add to the cookie mix instead of molasses. I will be making my favorite recipe later this week (that has molasses- so dreamy), after I buy more BUTTER (we’ve been using so. much. butter.). Have I ever mentioned my love of molasses? Yeah, it runs HOT. When I only have a tiny bit left in the jar, I put it in my coffee. *SWOON* I don’t think I’m going to run out of molasses this year though. *Sad Face*

Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Ninjabread Man!

The cutters are only plastic, but they should last us a few years. For the $5 I paid for the kit, I think it was worth it.

If you are in the States, Target will ship this to you for cheap. Comes with cookie AND icing mix.

Have a great week, next week I hope to have 2 finished hats to share!


10 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 16”

  1. Your Cardi B looks terrific. Love the color. I have yet to tackle a hat. I have no idea how to decrease since I don’t use double pointed needles. Guess I better do a youtube search. Fun gingerbread men. I like that you make biscotti. That’s my “signature” cookie. I have a gingerbread biscotti that I love. Double chocolate is always a favorite. But with no kids and no gatherings – it’s no cookies this year.

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    • Biscotti are my FAVORITE!! I also love Gingerbread. Since we are approaching cookie overload here (even with me mailing out a TON of treats), I will make myself some Gingerbread Biscotti in January! Anytime of the year is a good time for gingerbread.

      I have also had good luck freezing dough, particularly chocolate chip and slice and bake butter cookie varieties. That way I can opt to make 6 cookies instead of 3 dozen!

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  2. Oh my goodness… those Ninjabread Cookies are adorable. As are your kids decorating them. 🙂 I might just have to get that cookie cutter set… Love the closeup of the cabling in your Unassuming Hat. And your Cardi B. looks great on you!

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    • I can’t wait to send ninjabread cookies to my friends! I wanted to get them last year, but the sets were sold out! This year, I found a great deal early. I’m excited to decorate my own….


  3. I loooooooooooooooooooooove those ninjabread men, they are so cool! With left over bits of dough you could make little planks of wood for them to chop through 😂 I had plans for gift knitting that fell off my radar…I need to start gifts in Spring for next Christmas I think, amazing you are cranking out so many in a short period.

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    • Thank you! There is only so much I can actually do while the kids are engaged with virtual learning. They need me close to keep them on task, but I can’t do any tasks that are distracting for them or take me out of earshot for any length of time. So I knit and/or read, usually about 2 hours during the day (between hopping up and assisting them or cajoling them to refocus). Then another 2 hours after they go to bed! I’m also a pretty quick knitter these days!

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  4. Love the Cardi B!!! It looks great on you and I love the color. Thank you for reminding me about Christmas cookies and buying LOTS of butter for them! Whew! I love the Ninjabread cookie kit too. I may have to send that to my grandsons. I downloaded your hat pattern and thank you so much for it being FREE…how generous of you. Your children are so cute and really concentrating on decorating those cookies! LOL! Enjoy your holidays and good luck with the vaccine!

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  5. Your Cardi B turn out very nice. The unassuming hat pattern is so pretty. O love anything with cables. We seldom get cold enough to wear hats but I think I should make this hat anyway just in case. Those ninja gingerbread are so cute. What a novel idea and I can see how the younger crowd would love decorating them.

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    • The Unassuming Hat works up really quick, so it makes a REALLY great gift too!!
      I’m excited to decorate a few ninjabread cookies to send my friends, who would also like them!


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