Walk. Knit. Avoid Puddles. Repeat.

We’ve made it! Christmas Eve. The weeks leading up to this day have felt chaotic, honestly, more so than usual. I sent out a ton of packages (ok, like 9 or 10 and I threw out the tracking numbers) and took advantage of yesterday’s not cold temperatures and walked to the Post Office to mail out my holiday cards. I also popped into my LYS to get a pair of longer size 2 circulars, mine weren’t cutting it for the 2-at-a-time socks I’m flying through.

Say Yes to Pie socks: Fraternal Self-striping version. New Pattern coming soon.

On my walk to the post office (about a mile and a half), I knit two rounds of my socks. It would have been more, but I had to do some navigating of snow mountains and the lack of sidewalks for 4 blocks (which is ABSURD, it’s an arterial street in Downtown). I wore my mask the whole time, mostly to keep my nose warm, the air was quite damp. I even brought a 2nd mask to wear when the first was soggy for my walk home. It feels good to get out in the fresh air, even while trying not to step in puddles. I walked back a different way, all cleared sidewalks, but WAY more pedestrian traffic. I didn’t knit on the walk back, because I purchased a “coffee” (a warm sugar-filled liquid confection). That I mostly carried, because, MASK. Once I was out of the business district, I felt OK to take a few sips here and there (I was the only one out walking in the residential area).

I’ve seen a lot of other blogger planning on casting-on socks (or some other project) today. I am going to continue working on my socks. Its raining here today, so no outdoor workouts at my local YMCA. Bummer too, I was really looking forward to lifting heavy stuff in the chill morning air! I think I’m going to spend the day getting caught up on household tasks and starting a donation box- I have decluttering to aggressively participate in. This next week will be spend taking pictures of pattern steps, making YouTube videos of said steps, and finalizing formatting for at least 3 patterns (Merry Unbirthday, Chaos Cables, and Say Yes to Pie)! I want to release them before the end of the year, they are SO CLOSE to being ready. I have my Cardi B pattern to finish-up too, but that is likely a January release. And those are just my KNITTING patterns!!

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  1. I love your knits. I enjoy knitting while I walk. I once crossed a side street without even knowing it until I was on the other side. Now, during my lunch break walks, I stick to the track at school!

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