Socks! Socks! Socks!

Say Yes to Pie.

Say Yes to Pie.

Honestly, can you say no? No whipped cream required for these tasty tootsie treats! I’m so excited to have these socks FINALLY released! After weaving in the ends of my most recent pair, I literally have NOT taken them off! The weird fraternal striping is a bonus, not a deterement.

This is the Ravelry Link to the Free Download!!

Same colorway, same dye lot. Don’t even remotely match!

I have also decided that yes, I do need a light box for photos. Hoping for good light just isn’t cutting it for me.

BEHOLD the Cranky Pants! And they are glorious!!

Non-pattern related:I got the perfect PJ sweatpant joggers for Christmas! I wanted to buy them for myself a couple months back. But spouse, agreeing that I did just buy a couple of new pairs of PJ pants and that another pair might be overkill, confirmed my initial reaction to not purchase them. Well!! Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I unwrapped they VERY same pants I wanted from Santa! Spouse and Santa must be buddies!


2 responses to “Socks! Socks! Socks!”

  1. I love the socks. Thank you for sharing. There is NO WAY that is the same yarn. What the heck?? I mean, for socks it works because wearing mismatched socks is a thing these days, but those two aren’t even close. Cute pants!!

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