Getting Lost

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I’m the kind of person who easily gets lost in a good book. Last summer, I discovered that the RIGHT audiobook is just as easy to get lost in as a physical book. This week I fell into Octavia Butler’s Kindred. I have been meaning to read her work since college, but would forget to look for her once I got to the bookstore. 2 years ago I started keeping a list of books and authors I wanted to read: This has helped me broaden my horizons. I’m subscribed to the 28 Days of Black History newsletter from Anti-Racism Daily; Octavia Butler’s novel, Parable of the Sower, was featured on the 19th. I took this as a sign from the universe, and directly went to Hoopla (an app supported by my local public library, THANK YOU). I decided to read/listen to Kindred this week. From the beginning I was GRIPPED. Parts of the book are visceral, story is so fascinating, I absolutely binged the book.

I started a Tale of Two Cities, but fiction from this time period is a slow burn for me. It takes a long time for me to get into.

Progress!! Too bad its getting warm out.

While binging on an awesome book, I made a TON of progress on my Right Round Scarf! I have 4 or 5 more sections to go!! I tried on my WIP today! I’m thinking I can have it completed this weekend.

I’ve also been drafting up the Acute Shawl to get to my testers (like 10 minutes of work left to do). I feel slightly less sure of my crochet abilities sometimes, so I feel some anxiety that I’ll get it wrong. I’m just being absurd, I know. But the imposter feeling is real.

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    • After I had my daughter (2014), I had a hard time reading a book. I didn’t have the attention span for it (I’m blaming lack of sleep AND being in grad school!!). It was 2019 before I started actively reading again. My go to “surficial fluff” reading is anything in the Discworld Series (Terry Pratchett), I find them so fun to read.

      I was surprised by how GOOD the scarf looked on! It looks nice flat, but all wrapped up it somehow looks BETTER!!

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    • I have a goodreads account, I think? But I never use it!
      For years, I thought my favorite types of books were random. However, they all seem to have a sci-fi/fantasy bend or some kind of dystopian futuristic lean. I read a lot of science non-fiction too.

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      • I find goodreads quite useful to find out about books. Mobileread is another good resource for discussion groups too. But I guess it is quite easy to risk spending more time on social media about interests than on the interests themselves!!!

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      • YES!! I try to limit my social media accounts and time. I found that having a digital book helps me keep up on reading actual content instead of ads/drama on facebook! Hoopla has a similar feature that recommends other authors that are “similar” to the author of a book.


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