At the Finish

Right Round Scarf worn upon finishing before a wash.

I finished the Right Round Scarf on Monday (March 1st), and IMMEDIATELY launched into the worsted cowl version! Which I finished up Friday. While winters are generally pretty mild at my Mid-Atlantic location, some days are beastly between the bitter cold and the biting wind. No amount of scarf coverage will block the wind, it cuts right through multiple scarves/cowls. The Right Round Windscreen Cowl came out of walking between my gym’s main building and the auxiliary building (about a block) on a frigid windy day (back before my gym schedule got thrown off course).

I might be well on my way to MEMORIZING how to actually do kitchner.

The scarf: I used every color from my Love Lines kit. I have 65 g remaining, out of 280 g at the start. After a wash, it is 92″ (over 2 meters in length!!) long. It is nice to wrap around the neck. With all the extra length, I don’t have to worry about it coming upwrapped. I used a simple fair isle motif for the striping. Not difficult, but keeps it interesting.

The cowl: I am constructing my sample out of a bunch of stash. I didn’t have enough stash (besides sweater quantities) to make it out of all the same brand. At least it’s all the same fiber content; I used 100% wool. But if you don’t like/use/have/prefer wool, acrylic or cotton would also be adequate. Since I’m adding a LINER to the inside of the tube (for warmth and wind protection), the outer yarn is secondary for warmth. Cotton may be appropriate for the windscreen variety. I thought undoing the provisional and kitchnering the ends together was going to take FOREVER, it was about an hour. So not bad!!

Releases: I’m debating this as a bundle with 2 PDFs, instead of 1 PDF with multiple patterns. It would be the same price regardless. I need to spend 20 minutes, without interruption to make a chart. Date TBD. Likely late March Release.


2 responses to “At the Finish”

  1. It looks fabulously warm. I’m not sure what is meant by mid-Atlantic location, does that mean half way down the East Coast of America. I briefly had an image of you bobbing about on a ship in the Atlantic and was thinking that would be windy 😂. I mention this only as I know you write patterns, it’s spelt Kitchener stitch (with an e in the middle). Named after Herbert Kitchener from the World War II, who is first known to have used it 🙂. I have to say it out loud when I’m doing it on every stitch so I don’t lose track.

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    • Thank you for the correction! I’ve been spelling it wrong for years…. how embarrassing!! I say it when I do it too! I wonder if I’ll ever have it memorized enough to just “know it”.

      LOL about the windy boat image! And yes, your geography is correct, I’m not quite north and not quite south in the United States!

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