Year of Projects: Week 29

Ticking off ALL the boxes.

This week had me checking off a surprising amount of tasks on my YOP list!

I finished my Right Round Scarf AND the Right Round Cowl last week. I crocheted a couple baskets to wrangle laundry room clutter My Stash Bust total for the first week of March is 6 balls!! My YTD total is 24. I’m well on my way to my 100 ball goal for the calendar year.

Sure, it looks neat today. Next week, no promises.

Also this week I LITERALLY spent 5 minutes fixing my wheel. Its been broken for well over a year, maybe almost 2 years. The worst part: I’ve had the part needed for the repair since before it broke AND it was literally sitting in a bag ON the wheel the entire time. I spun the remainder of the bobbin. I have more fiber to spin, ply, and set. I’m notorious about not setting my twists. No pictures.

Now that my pattern development projects are complete, I’m back to working on the Kyyyyle blanket. It will not be a pattern, the blocks aren’t quite RIGHT. I’ve invested too much time into it to rip it all out. So I’m going to finish it, wash it (and hope the fibers relax a bit more), and mail it to my friend. Having a blanket made by your friend need not be perfect to be warm or appreciated. I hope to have it finished soon, in the meanwhile, I can contemplate my next project.

With all my finishes this week, I can officially update my YOP list! I finished 20 line items from my first list. My second list is somewhat more open-ended.

Other non-YOP goals: I went the entire month of February without buying yarn. I thought on March the 1st I would go crazy. But here we are 7 days in and no new purchases. Once I have a project in NEED of something specific, I will 100% guilt-free purchase the supplies. In the meanwhile, I’m going to keep running down the stash.

Today has involved no crafting, but a surprising amount of time in the kitchen. It started with my egg sandwich lunch, rolled into a lunch meal prep session, that made a sink full of dishes, and turned into Sourdough Waffles with Turkey Bacon, pineapple slices, and cucumbers for dinner. SO MANY DISHES. After the kids are in bed, I’ll be able to do some crocheting on the blanket! It will feel good to relax.


13 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 29”

  1. Your fixing your spinning wheel sounds like too many of my fixes. The anticipation and procrastination is so much worse than the actual fix is sometimes. lol Your YOP list, and progress through it is impressive. And on my goodness… that is an amazing looking sandwich. I hope you enjoy an evening of crocheting. 🙂

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    • The sandwich was EPIC, I won’t lie. I am sitting here (still full from dinner) thinking about how much I want to make another one of those sandwiches!

      I think I just don’t have a lot of spinning mojo lately. I haven’t wanted to spin, so fixing it wasn’t a priority. I found ANOTHER container full of fiber (my total being up to 2 now)… so I think I need to really work some of it up. My dream is to knit myself a sweater out of all the random yarns I’ve created- and I think I’m half-way to having enough that is all a similar weight.


    • I don’t know how difficult it would be to knit a basket without felting or somehow stabilizing it with a rigid lining. Maybe I’ll give that a try and share the results.

      I don’t really have a plan on when I rewrite my YOP Plan. Maybe when it starts looking messy? Or I don’t want to work on the stuff I have given myself as options (half way)? I will definitely have a new list when I restart with week 1.


  2. Wow you are really getting through these balls of yarn and projects, I have a crocheted basket in our utility room and it has the most random odds and ends it holds. Super useful though and yours are attractive. Looks like you are well on track to finish 100 balls, takes the pressure off if you want to do a lace weight project or lose your mojo for a week or so. Do you keep daily or weekly task lists? I’m so keen to know how others organise their time as I am hopeless at knowing where mine goes.

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    • I’ve committed pretty hard the last 15 months to using up stash yarn, partially in the vein of downsizing my possessions. Partially because I feel guilty buying MORE yarn when I already have what feels like a ton. I am fortunate to be a SAHM right now, which does leave significant free time for me to do crafting.

      I wish I kept a task list! Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to do, I make a list the help manage. Otherwise, I just go in random directions doing tasks as I see them. I wish I had a list I could stick with. I tried making myself a “chore chart”, it was a disaster and didn’t last through the week.

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  3. Your baskets are darling! I started a granny square blanket to use up my stash but those baskets look like they would use it up faster! I spend a lot of time in my kitchen too as I cook most things from scratch. I am very grateful for my dishwasher as I dirty a lot of dishes! YOu have gotten so much done this YOP year already! Keep up the great work!

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    • I did both of the baskets on Saturday. They worked up quickly and used the last bit of yarn from the Right Round Cowl and 1 skein (possibly partial) of bulky for each basket. By the end my hands were EXHAUSTED by all the single crochet/tight tension/weighty yarn. At least they will last forever in my laundry room housing lingerie bags and dryer balls!

      I’m also grateful for my dishwasher. When our dishwasher broke a couple years ago, the wait for the replacement to come it was excruciating! It was almost a month before it arrived. Handwashing all our dishes was a special kind of torture for me (a task I pawned off on my spouse as often as possible).


  4. Congrats on finishing up one whole list of YOP items. That is quite impressive. I kind of chuckled at you spinning wheel fixing adventure. We crafyers seem to get distracted so easily lol. Cute laundry baskets. Great way to use up some stash. You kitchen time sounds like time well spent. Days ahead meal prepping is becoming quite a thing these days. I am lucky to get a weekly dinner menu plan worked up lol.

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    • We don’t do much meal planning. But today, I had a hot lunch with purple sticky/brown rice, wilted spinach (added before heating), bok choy/enoki mushroom saute, and a slice of fried tofu topped with sesame seeds and chili flakes. It was MAGICAL. I am excited that I have lunches for the entire week that will take very little prep.

      I think I might try spinning some yarn tomorrow when the kids are doing school. I need quiet things that allow me to supervise them without distracting them.


  5. Sounds like an awesome week! I really need to try and set a “buy no yarn goal” one of these days.
    Meal prep is great – I had a day like that Sunday, where I cooked two meals to have for the week. I have such a busy week that I frontloaded all my cooking. After dinner today I should be done needing to cook for the rest of the week!

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    • Thats awesome! I have never really done a lot of meal prep, but this week is showing that I definitely should do it more.

      There is SO much glorious temptation to buy yarn!! February was TOUGH. I KINDA want to do a dry-fiber March, but I don’t know if I can resist my favorite dyer and some of the stuff I KNOW they have coming up!

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