Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Placemats Part 1

When we move into the house back in 2012, we purchased a new dining room table. The top is really pretty, and I didn’t want to cover it up with a tablecloth. I found some cloth placemats at Home Goods, and purchased all they had. Without counting, I think I have 12. Even from the start they weren’t perfect. They are square, as opposed to rectangular. Half of them haven’t lain flat in years (the interfacing has separated and bunched), no amount of ironing has helped. With all the frequent washing of the past 7.5 years, the fabric is finally starting to fray. They keep moisture rings off the table, so not all is lost.

Not the worst offender, but still NOT good.

I’ve been planning on making my own placemats even before we lived here. Today, I embarked on that journey.

My cut flats

I’m using the home décor fabrics from my stash. The brown and green ones are from a short stint of tote bag making from a decade ago. The white print is a fabric cast-off from an acquaintance, also from a decade ago. Yesterday I pre-washed all the fabric on hot (how I wash my table linens), dried them in the dryer, and today I steam ironed all the pieces. I also have a negative of the white fabric; this however attracts too much lint and will look dirty perpetually.

I’m going to pass on the lint attractor for placemats.

I won’t need interfacing because all the fabrics are a sturdy canvas. I made a template (that is NOT squared) and cut out all the pieces I could from the fabric I pre-washed. I can make 9 placemats. If I piece my scraps together, I can make at least 3 more (total of 12).

Who cares if its meh, its out of my stash and about to be useful.

Unfortunately, I have other things I want to do today that does not include an afternoon of sewing. Even though its spring break for my kids, I still have housework to do and showers to take, and a trip to Target planned for toothpaste, vitamins, and marshmallow fluff. I know, I’m living the dream over here. Don’t worry I have plans to regale you with the ongoing adventure of placemat sewing later this week! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.


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