Year of Projects: Week 33

Sew you think you can craft?

This past week the kids had “Spring Break”. Since we are still in the grips of a pandemic, we stayed home. I got a LOT of sewing done. I finished 18 placemats. I chronicled them in four separate posts last week(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.2). This checks off a task on my YOP list!!


For those keeping track, this completes one sewing task on my YOP 20/21 Part 2 list. Other YOP projects include chugging away on the Kyyyyle blanket, my new hot/oven mitt (part of using stash yarn). Patterns are coming along. It seems I will be releasing a clutch of them together!

Interesting story: Last night, about 2:27 am, I was awoke from a deep slumber by the sirens of (literally) a dozen emergency vehicles. I thought they went to a different part of the neighborhood, until bright flashing lights filled my bedroom. So, still groggy, I went down stairs to see what the commotion was (there were no sirens by this time). In front of my house, there was an ambulance and a fire rescue SUV with the brightest lights ever. My whole first floor was lit up. There were EMTs, police officers, fire fighters all milling around. The street was BLOCKED with emergency vehicles. No less than 5 fire trucks showed up: 2 from the next town over. Now its the middle of the night, and I wasn’t about to go outside in my PJs just to be a nosey nelly. It SEEMED that the fire was in the next townhouse cul-de-sac on our street. Eventually they vehicles parked outside my house left, so I went up and went back to sleep. The kids slept through it ALL, which is nice because their rooms have windows at the front of the house! Today went for a walk to be low-key nosey about what happened last night. NOTHING. No obvious signs of the commotion of last night! With that many fire trucks, I was expecting to see SOMETHING amiss.

Today the kids and I iced a “Peeps Bunny” shaped cake. I think the cake was over cooked. I’ve yet to find a vanilla cake recipe I like! The marshmallow frosting was exactly what you would expect. I don’t like marshmallows, so I was thoroughly unimpressed. Next year we’ll try again, with a not gross cake and maybe a stabilized whipped cream frosting instead. It LOOKED good at least, and the kids claimed to love it. After the picture, we added a little mouth and SO MANY jellybean buttons on its tummy.

I haven’t used a blow-dryer on my hair for a few weeks and I’ve been hating my hair. But today, with the help of a ton of styling products and my blow-dryer, I’m satisfied with how my hair looks today. Next week, I’m dying it purple again. I have 1 or 2 more dark dyes before I bleach out highlights for summer!

Beware: the Smolder.

11 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 33”

  1. Your placemats turned out quite nice. Not being a peeps fan, I agree that a whipped cream or butter cream frosting for next year would be nice. But as long as the kids like the peep frosting….then it is all worth it.

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    • After washing the placemats after use, they are minimally wrinkled and still lay FLAT. I feel successful.
      I think peeps are really polarizing, either you love them or you hate them. As an adult, I refuse to eat them. I can handle marshmallows in rice crispy treats, but beyond that I don’t even want them in my hot cocoa!


  2. The cake looks great but I am also into “lighter” and not so sickeningly sweet frostings. Your placemats are darling!
    You should have gone out to see what was going on… you’ll never know! That would drive me crazy! LOL!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your Spring Break!

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    • Honestly, had my husband not been woken up by it, I would assume I hallucinated the whole thing! I’m guessing it wasn’t a HUGE blazing inferno, I thought about walking around back to see if I could see anything else.

      My kids are really smitten with the new placemats and are fond of flipping them to the “wrong side” so we all have a different placemat. The Ikea fabric was a REAL TREAT to work with!


  3. Great progress on your placemats! Your hair looks amazing. Mine is finally long enough to put into a high pony tail to get it out of my face, or I can braid it into two braids. My blow dryer packed it in a month ago so I am totally doing the wash, and braid to then let it dry on its own. Your bunny cake look so sweet and yes, jelly beans, and more jelly beans will help anything taste better.

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    • I have a like/hate relationship with my hair. I wish it was wash and wear, buy its SO FINE that it needs a blow-dryer and an arsenal of products to not be greasy and stringy by the end of the day. I cut it a few months ago, and it was about an inch shorter than I actually wanted. I can put it in a low messy knot (I don’t have enough hair for a bun right now)

      Finishing the placemats that I started BEFORE I was married was a real win for me! And I was shocked my bunny cake LOOKED as good as it did. I ALMOST got my drawing compass out to make sure my arcs were *RIGHT*; next year I’ll go full perfectionist.


  4. Well the cake looks great, despite it not exactly tasting as nice as you’d have liked. We don’t have peeps in the UK so I appreciated the explanation you have to Lucy. What will you do with all the placemats, will you use this many? Perhaps in rotation? Or will you gift some to family.

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    • When I was in high school (around 96 or so), I had an internet friend who lived in France. I desperately tried to explain Peeps, but the concept was too bizarre. So at Easter time, I mailed a package of Peeps to France! I think he was more perplexed by them upon receiving them. I don’t remember if he tried eating them (it was so long ago).

      We will use all those placemats! I wash kitchen towels, cloth napkins and placemats once a week. My kids are messy eaters (still), and 3 meals a day are eaten at the table, so we easily use 12-16 place mats in a week!

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