Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Placemats Part 3


Phew! What an adventure! This morning, I finished up my new placemats. Instead of freehand sewing the interior rectangles today, I measured 2 inches from the side and then again from that first line, then made a pencil line rectangle as a guide. I measured yesterday’s prototype and most of my lines were at about 2 inches. Not bad for just eyeballing it.

It took me just over 2 hours to finish the remaining 11 placemats. I toyed with the idea of washing them before using them. But I’m so excited to just use them that they are now on the table ready for dinner.

Since spouse took the kids to some toy store an hour away, I decided to get fancy and go out and clip some cherry blossoms and daffodils. I wore inappropriate shoes for rain- so on brand. I clipped the flowers from a bunch of different spaces (like the inside of a copse of trees), we have a decent amount of pedestrian traffic; I didn’t want to take all the beauty for myself. I also didn’t clip any from yards/spaces that weren’t mine.

6 placemats in a vintage straw bag that belonged to my Great Grandma (b. 1899-d. 1985)

Completing this project used 4 yards of décor stash from my fabric collection. I was able to consolidate most of my fabric into one large bin, and half of one small bin. I found some quilted placemats I started 9 or 10 years ago. I just need to finish putting on the binding 4 of the 6, literally, some binding. They are about an inch larger than the ones I completed. I could (and should) trim them down and spend an hour binding all of them again. The binding that’s complete is hot trash, even by my standards! A project for another day.


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