Year of Projects: Week 34

All the yarny and non-yarny things.

One of my best besties is getting married next month. We’ve known each other since college, and have had SO MANY ADVENTURES together! I was thrilled and honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid and was over the moon excited when her mom asked if I could put together her bridal shower. This has honestly been taking up a LOT of my creative energy lately. This past week was prep to the max. I found time to knit and crochet, but the shower (held yesterday) took up almost all of my headspace.

We held an outdoor Tea Party, with 7 total guests. She was COMPLETELY surprised!

Table Set-up.

The day started out with torrential rains that ended by morning, and the afternoon was clear, SUNNY (so bloody sunny), and warm. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a MORE perfect day! I forgot to wear sunblock, so now I’ve got some interesting tan lines.

Yes, I’m outside. Yes, I’m wearing a mask.

The only pictures I took were of her opening gifts, and a couple pictures of the table set. I forgot to take a picture of the cakes I made all decorated and plated. I topped each cake with raspberries. The cake is a vanilla cream cake baked in ramekins, and the icing is an “ermine frosting”, also known as a boiled milk frosting. I couldn’t get the frosting consistency QUITE right, but gosh darn: IT WAS GOOD. I also made some Rosemary Butter Cookies and they were bagged for favor gifts in addition to the truffles from a local business: The Perfect Truffle (they ship!).

Also no pictures, but I was able to get vaccinated this past Wednesday. The Mass Vax program in my state opened up to all residents a week ago. I was able to get registered, make and appointment and receive my shot in less than 72 hours. They were using the Johnson & Johnson one-shot that day. I don’t have a preference, so I was taking what they were offering regardless. I had a couple of weird hours on Wednesday, but mild overall.

Fiber Stuff, the REAL reason for YOP Updates

YOP list check-off: Kyyyyle. It’s done! I started it back in November. All the ends are wove in. Its washed. It needs to have its photo taken and be shipped to the recipient. I like it. With the slip stitch join, some of the blanket buckles, washing it helped a bit; still not perfect. I wasn’t about to take the thing apart and SC the squares together. My oven mitt used 3 balls of stash yarn. It’s been washed and dried a couple times: still too big and not felted enough, To be Continued. Started the solid version of the Justine blanket. This is a worsted held single, as opposed to a DK held double. The solid is more regular and intentional in its color and directional changes. It does highlight technique much easier than a very busy multi (which I still LOVE).

The Original. Totally different now that I really look at it. Drat.

And that’s it?

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9 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 34”

  1. The bridal shower sounds lovely. The table settings are so pretty. Thenfiid sounds exquisite too. Wow, how did you find time for fiber crafts? Hopefully your oven mitt will felt properly for you soon.

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    • After the kids go to bed, I have 2-3 hours in the evenings to work on fiber crafts before I go to bed! Sometimes I spend and hour in the afternoon working on something too.
      I have a plan B if I can’t get it to felt down to the dimensions I want. I also knit a smaller one, just in case.


  2. For felting your oven mitt you could always pop it in a pan of boiled water and then take it out with tongs and let it drain a little then plunge into icy cold water. Then throw it onto a counter 20+ times. If it hasn’t felted by then it probably won’t. What wool fibre is it. Some breeds don’t felt well at all.

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    • Honestly, I have no idea about the breed! The Knit Picks yarn (1 of 3 strands) is a Peruvian Highland wool, I’ve had good results with felting this brand in the past. The other 2 strands are Lion Brand “Wool”, and is prominently stated that it is “perfect for felting” on the packaging; the fiber is 100% wool.
      The mitt still has some stitch definition, the first one I ever made required 10 washings. I will try the boiling and ice shocking it! The 3 strands on a 10.5/6.5mm needle may also have something to do with it. Other issues: I made it entirely too wide. Live and learn I suppose!

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  3. Cinna, the shower sounds lovely, and while I would have loved to see pictures of the cake, your description has me in awe of the love and creativity you put into this event for your friend. And the recipient of the blanket is going to love it! The colors you chose are awesome.


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