Start All the Things

Too many decisions? Take a selfie. BTW: it solved nothing.

I’m experiencing a major case of start-itus. I want to cast-on ALL THE THINGS. I have the yarn to do a baby sweater (likely the Baby Surprise Jacket), that *should* be finished by the first weekend in May (2021). Yarn to make 2 pairs of socks. The desire to cast-on ANOTHER pair of 2 strand socks. ALL THE SWEATERS (I have yarn for another 4 or 5 sweaters adult sized sweaters). Another crochet blanket (Hobbit themed!!!). And a wrap for a fall wedding. The problem is, I don’t know where I want to start. Likely the sweater for next Sunday, because that one has a deadline. I still have all my usual stuff going on too.


Throw in a birthday today for my oldest, and my parents are up for the weekend. Both of my parents are fully vaccinated (and me and my spouse), so keeping my mom away any longer is impossible. We had a party for 7 kids (including our 2) at a nearby park- we even made reservations for the (overly huge) pavilion! My daughter got to see friends she hasn’t seen in over a year; she was elated. We asked all her friends to “bring their wheels”, so they could all bike, and skate, and scooter around on the little trails and walk-ways. They mostly just played on the playground. This year, I got smart. I decided to hire out the cupcake baking portion. I picked them up from a local, woman-owned bakery café this morning. I love making my kids’ cakes, but this year I thought this was easier. And I had each cupcake individually boxed. We had lunchables, juice boxes, and individually packaged chips for snacks (because playing hard makes you hungry!) and water too. Individually packaged snacks are a waste producing nightmare, but I’m going to forgive myself.

All the good cupcakes!! With leftovers.

I am almost through the 2nd ball of yarn for my self-striping sweater. I think I’m going to do the sleeves (2-at-a-time) next then finish out the body. Sometimes I do the sleeves first because I don’t know if I have enough yarn to finish. This time, I purposely got an extra skein. No yarn chicken for me!

I’m running out of steam on my Sweet Summer variation of Justine. I’m going to finish up this border section and use the remaining yarn for something else. Right now, its approximately 60″ squarish, more than adequate for a throw. Since this is a pattern variation, and it doesn’t have a recipient slated, I don’t have anything keeping me focused. I’m ready to move on; hence my feelings of start-itus.

I shipped out my secret amigurumi earlier this week. The distribution hub that handles my Post Office is a black hole lately. It was finally delivered today, I will share the project tomorrow! I purchased something from an hour away, that was shipped the same day and it still hasn’t made it to my post office.


3 responses to “Start All the Things”

  1. I knit the sleeves before finishing the body but with the sleeves being a bit short on my latest FO I think next time I will pop waste yarn round the cuff area and see if I have yarn to make them longer when the body is finished. I find sleeves seem fine and then somehow get shorter on their own lol. I have the urge to cast on some new projects but when I start looking my husband chased me for his gloves.

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    • That’s a REALLY good suggestion, wait to do the sleeve ribbing until the body is done! Sleeves are so hit or miss with me, I don’t think I own a single sweater (commercial or hand-knit) where the sleeves are JUST right!

      But your gloves are looking SO good! I hope they fit him well.

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  2. What a great idea to have individual cupcakes for the guests. So much neater than a cake to cut up. How nice your parents were able to come too. Your daughter looks adorable. I think startitis hits all if us around now. Kind of like spring fever.


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