Year of Projects: Week 35/36

The best laid plans of mice and men.

Sunday! I missed last week, entirely. So here is what I did, kinda.

Cuddle Me Elephant. By Amigurumi Today.

I fiercely love my friends, and Covid really puts a kibosh on being able to physically be present when things go awry. Since I can’t be there to give hugs and eat cake with her, I made a proxy! Behold, the “Cuddle Me Elephant” by Amigurumi Today (Ravelry Link). I crocheted it out of Big Twist Value Solids in Soft Gray on a size D/3.25mm Furls Odyssey Hook. I started it on Friday (the 16th) and finished it Monday (the 19th). I didn’t modify the body pattern, I’m pretty novice at amigurumi. I used the 6mm eyes I had floating around from… I don’t know when.

I STARTED the BSJ cast-on….

My parents went home this afternoon. Which means I was able to start working on the BSJ for a pending arrival. I wasn’t even through the CAST-ON when my son proclaimed he lost his FIRST TOOTH. He has really been working on wiggling that thing since he noticed it was loose a few (literally) days ago. So, I had to put aside my project to construct a “Tooth Pillow”. Me, being EXTRA, can’t just make a little thing. I let my kids design theirs and then do my best to execute their vision. Surprisingly, my son’s cat was easier (and better??) than the traditionally shaped tooth my daughter designed. The Tooth Fairy will have a very easy time finding the tooth, and my son will easily be able to find whatever the tooth fairy leaves.

Other projects: No new pictures of the blanket or the sweater. I’ve been working on them. Hopefully next week will have a FO.

Fresh and hot. (not the full pile)

Breakfast food is popular in my house. I make waffles quite frequently. Generally I make sourdough waffles, but I didn’t really have enough sourdough discard to make enough waffles for 6. I made a double combined batch of Sourdough and Bisquick. They were phenomenal! Airy AND tangy. I sliced up strawberries and had purchased whipped cream (in a can) for the occasion. There are enough waffles for breakfast another day!!

This week I plan on taking pictures of ALL THE STUFF. The cherry blossoms are starting to fall, like snow, and may provide a nice background for pictures.

Adieu, until next time!


16 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 35/36”

    • I liked the excuse to make something with stash, and be a little creative with sewing at the same time. My sew skill are novice at best. I think making tooth pillows for your (future) grandkids would be fun! The ones in our house live on the bed ALL the time.

      When my Grandma was alive, every time I would spend the night, she would make waffles for breakfast. She used the Bisquick recipe, the one on the box. But there was just something magical about how she made them. I’ve never able to get mine to turn out the same. She had a thin waffle iron, not the Belgian style that are ubiquitous now. But making waffles make me think of my Grandma, even though I’ve branched out beyond Bisquick for my go to recipe.

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  1. That little elephant is the cutest! At least you got a start to your knitting….they say that starting is the hardest part. YOur cat tooth pillow is precious. What a good Mom you are. Have a great week!

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    • Thank you! I FINALLY finished my cast on this morning when both kids were in the school building! I’m on row 5 of a lot of rows of the Baby Surprise Jacket now!

      I am a rather indulgent mom! If the kids want me to make them something, USUALLY, I’m ready to jump right in. Buying them stuff is a completely different story (unless its art supplies!).


  2. Your cuddly elephant is adorable. Good job, Cinna! And your son’s tooth pillow is great! How fun that your kiddos design their own and you created them. What a terrific memory. And you remind me that I’ve been meaning to make waffles! We like breakfast for dinner too sometimes. 🙂

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  3. Cute, cute, cuteness overload. The elephant and tooth pillow! Love them both. I just pulled my Sourdough starter out of the fridge today so I can start building it up again to make more waffles and bread. I was amazed at how much sourdough discard it takes to make waffles.

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  4. Now I want waffles for breakfast! love the Elephant, and way to go with the tooth fairy pillow. I never made one for my kids, but not I think I will make one for my granddaughter. Thanks for the idea!

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