Experimental Knitting

The other day, I was thinking about interesting construction concepts for hats. And I had a somewhat unconventional idea that I wasn’t certain if it would work or not. The only way to get these ideas out of my head it to dive in and construct.

Proof of Concept

What worked: the slip stitches worked great for connecting the 10-stitch strips, picking up the ribbing and the crown.

What didn’t work: the yarn. I like this yarn coloration, just not for this project the stacking is meh. I started the increase on the wrong side, so my joins are on the wrong side. The 10-stitch strip may be too wide for a newborn-ish sized hat, maybe its just the weird patterning of the yarn I used.

Conclusions: It is likely I will choose a new yarn and make this hat again. If the newborn size works with my modifications, I’ll try some other sizes. I think this would look REALLY nice in the right solid. OR a solid with a little cable!! OK. I need to rush off and try this.

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