Year of Projects: Week 38/39

What Did I Even DO?

As I start typing this, I have NO idea what to write about. I’ve been making some slow progress on “stuff”. Here is a recap (some of which has been chronicled since my last YOP post).

The photos on my phone would suggest that I’ve done little fiber stuff and a small amount of sewing. This is partially true? I’ve made some knitting bags (that I don’t actually need) to test out the prospect of selling some on Etsy. I posted about the shown projects here and here. I’m making some masks for the wedding I’m in next weekend. Me, the bride, and the other bridesmaid are all vaccinated, I’m still going to finish the masks. I’m only making them 2 layer instead of 3 (like all the other ones I made). As long as my kids are unvaccinated, I will be wearing a mask indoors. Not shown: 6 pairs of kid sized PJ pants that need waists and hems. Cutting and body sewing took less than 2 hours for them all. The next part requires ironing. And also elastic, which I may or may not have enough of for ALL 6 pairs. None of the fabric was stash, all was purchased specifically to make kid PJ pants.

Knitting: I’ve been working on some baby sized hats. One was a proof of concept (top center), the other is a refinement (top right). Both are fingering weight. Not shown knitting: a newborn red Magic Sea Captain Watch Cap, chunky weight yarn.

Crochet not shown: I started a striped C2C baby blanket of worsted leftover yarns, I just started the decrease side so I’ve about 50 “rows” remaining. I don’t think I’ve taken any pictures of this blanket, I think I have enough yarn in the colors selected to finish??

Yarn Stash-down: I’ve currently used 42 full skeins in calendar year 2021, out of a goal of 100 skeins.

I guess that’s it? Adieu!

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19 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 38/39”

  1. I’d say you made more than “slow” progress, in my mind, you’ve crafted a ton!!!!

    I feel the same way about my stash, I’m working on using what I have in the next few years. Fiber is my biggest challenge though, I love trying different breeds but I think I have more than enough to try now.

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    • I like sewing because I can finish things relatively fast, compared to a similarly sized knit or crochet project. But my brain can’t seem to think of my sewing projects are being productive! This week is a more normal week for me, so hopefully I can get my small knit projects out for a walk and finish them up.

      I also have a LOT of fiber stash that I haven’t touched in a couple years. I even fixed my wheel so I have no excuses!


  2. All those project bags! I am a project bag hoarder. I love making them, buying them and using them. You have done a great job using up skeins of yarn. I see you exceeding your year goal of 100 skeins.

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    • It was fun creating some new bags! I’ve added a couple more that I can use on my walks! Shuffling my projects in and out of the suitable walking project bag was starting to get tedious! My next project will be to marry the wrist-basket style with a drawstring-top.


  3. I’d like to get motivated to work through my stash again. I’m afraid I bought some more yarn last year and probably undid any good I did the year before. Your “slow progress” looks pretty industrious to me, Cinna. :^) I love your bags!

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    • When I feel unmotivated to work with my current stash (in favor of NEW), I reframe it as a challenge to meet. What can I make with THIS yarn. How fast can I make it? That sometimes helps me!


  4. If this is slow, I’d love to see what productive looks like! The bags are gorgeous, you should definitely consider selling them. And 42 skeins down sounds brilliant – we’ll done

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    • It really makes me feel productive, particularly when I get to color in another space on my tracker! Next year, I might also keep track of the amount of yarn I ACTUALLY BUY. I wonder if my yarn stash is stable, decreasing or increasing. Data, data. data!

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  5. You are well on target for your stashdown – almost 50% there and not even into June yet. You got this. Your sewing sounds very productive. Enjoy the wedding – I assume all the masks for the bridal party have a theme or colour?

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    • The masks match our dresses. I wanted the design to be fun and useful after the fact, so they are just cotton. With Maryland having lifted all mask requirements, I’m not really certain how much use they will be.
      I crocheted a hanging pot liner today and used another 5 balls (1 full, 8 partial)! I’m really excited to keep moving through all the random stash.


    • Fullish?? Large partial balls also count as one. Its really quite arbitrary. 50 yards or 200 yards or 380 yards of a full skein both count as 1 ball. I’m sure it all works out in the end to be about 200 worsted yards per ball.

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