Year of Projects: Week 40

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WOW. I only have 12 more weeks left of my first YOP. Dang. This last week brought a lot of doing, but not much knitting. I finished a tiny concept hat: it works. I need to test it out on and actual baby to see if its appropriately sized. I forget how tiny real newborn baby humans are. I’m working on an adult size, but with fingering held double- I want to finish in this lifetime!

Little 10-stitch Hat.

I’ve been plugging away on a “4-Corners of the Cro-pacalypse” (working title) C2C baby blanket. I’m in the home stretch, still haven’t taken a single picture. *facepalm*

This past weekend, my best friend since college got married. It was about 2 hours away, and the drive was STUNNING. I NEVER miss the opportunity to stop at the Sideling Hill Rest Area when I take I-68 in MD. Partly the view. Partly the toilet facilities. And climbing a huge flight of stairs is a nice way to stretch your legs on a drive!!

It was a mini-get-a-way without the family, that was SOOO BUSY; I barely had any downtime to create. But that didn’t stop me from bringing the sweater I’m working on (now that its summer temps here 80-90 degrees F). Which I was able to get a little bit done on while waiting for my hair, since I wanted that done before I committed to make-up. The New Germany State Park is beautiful and I will likely take my family in the future.

Its very own compartment in my GIANT toiletry bag.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Western Maryland. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. The lake clear and the trees lush and green. The other bridesmaid and I brought the party, and danced all evening. I danced so hard my fake eyelashes came unglued. I barely took any pictures. I lived in the moment and let the photographer do her magic.

The cake was also REALLY good.

Sunday my feet ached and my legs and hips were SO TIGHT. Signs of a successful wedding reception. I danced like I was still in my 20’s, I felt every bit of my 40 years the next day!

But before breakfast, we got to observe this little guy and his siblings munching on the greenery.

Now its back to my normal life. See you soon with (hopefully) some finishes!

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10 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 40”

  1. What a wonderful weekend. Glad you got to let your hair down (and eyelashes too). I’m definitely not getting us much knitting done now that gardening/lawn chores are eating my time. Hence why I resist knitting deadlines!! I’m a sucker for those fallish colored yarns.

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  2. You look beautiful, Cinna! And it looks like you had a wonderful time at the wedding. What a great rest area with such a scenic view. I’m ready for a road trip!

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    • Thank you! We had a great time being together.
      I wish the visitor center at Sidling Hill was completely open, I love reading about the history of the road cut and getting a refresher on the regional geology! I think I want to take my family out to the park the wedding was at next summer- it was really nice and there are SO many trails out there.


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