Year of Project: Week 42


Its a hot summery Sunday, its like 90-some degrees (Fahrenheit). Its super sunny. I ripped out a bunch of grass and non-zinnias from the beds that flank my front walk. I threw some OLD marigold seeds in the bare spots. If they grow, cool. If not, I’ll just thin some of the zinnias to those spots. Next year, I want to plant some Montauk daisies, they are perennials, and are much lower maintenance than most other options (in my opinion). Some people LOVE gardening, I’m not among them. Now that my self-imposed yard work is over, I get to write a blog on a SUNDAY.

Honestly, I started writing a blog the other day, but I was called away and never came back to my draft. So it goes. I hope this is not a foreshadowing of the month ahead.

YOP Updates!

I finished 2 pair of PJ pants that were on my YOP list for my kids. Joke’s on me, I didn’t take a picture of them. One pair Spider-Man, the other pair Galactic Space Unicorn Pegasus. I still have 2 pair of PJ pants to finish sewing on my YOP list, but they are for me.

Zinnia Baby Afghan: I have 35 squares ready to edge in Aqua and then whipstitch together. I had initially planned a layout of 5×7 squares. But now I’m reconsidering 6×6 or 6×7: depending on how much Aqua is remaining after I edge the first 36. AND TIME. This being for my daughter’s current teacher, it needs to be finished and GIFTED by June 17th (the last day of school). I think it is reasonable to say I can finish it this week: the zillion ends will only take an hour or two to weave in. This counts toward stash busting! The blue and aqua were purchased to unify the squares- everything else was stash.

Baby Hat

I started a baby hat yesterday. Its on size 4 needles. I don’t know how sold I am on the pooling. I’ll finish it up and make a second, alternating rounds from each side of the ball. Both iterations will have little bear ears sewn on top. Aiming for newborn size. The yarn was on sale at Joann for $1.99 when I was there the other day. Its a chainette constructed DK weight (I think it knits closer to a sport weight), in a Cotton, Acrylic, Polyester blend. Not a lot of memory in the yarn, my stitches are not uniform in tension. VERY soft.

From the Kitchen

During the week I made some savory oatmeal for breakfast. I made Miso Oatmeal topped with Caramelized Onions, Kale, and Portabella Mushrooms and an Over-medium egg. I had intended to egg to be a bit runnier, to act as a sauce, but that didn’t happen. “Steps”: Cook oatmeal with Miso Broth (instead of water) add a chopped scallion. Caramelize the onions with the kale added 5 minutes into the process. Add the mushrooms toward the end and cook until all the water is released and pan is mostly dry. I am bad at fried eggs, so mine was over medium. The yoke was pretty set already when I flipped it over. I think I sprinkled some chipotle powder on top of my egg. I don’t remember. I did throw a bit of cheese into the oats, but it was unnecessary. I didn’t add any additional salt, the Miso Broth is VERY SALTY already.

It was a bit labor intensive, but I would 10/10 make this again for myself. If I didn’t have Miso Broth, I would have used veggie broth (giving it a different flavor profile).

Until next week!

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12 responses to “Year of Project: Week 42”

  1. I’m not a gardener either. Watch out for daisies that take over. I’ve come to hate them since they overgrow the entire flower bed and aren’t a lot of fun to dig out. Definitely like bulbs/perennials to minimize what I have to do. Trying rubber mulch this year since it’s supposed to help suppress weeds. Will see. Your zinnia baby blanket is very colorful and fun.

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  2. Your blanket is so pretty with the aqua border. I too love a savory breakfast but I don’t eat until about 11:00 so I don’t mind the time it takes. I have tall daisies that are a perennial in my back yard and I love them. Your baby hat is too cute!

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    • Thank you!
      I think the oatmeal/veggies would be a good meal prep, heat up then quick fry a fresh egg.
      My parents have daisies all over their yard, unintentional “wild”, they made me so happy as a child.


  3. That breakfast looks sooooo good. I love the idea of cooking oatmeal with miso. I would definitely skip an early breakfast and have something like this around 10am when I am wicked hungry!

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  4. I’ve never even heard of savoury oatmeal it’s a great idea. I have a wildflower section that I includes some tall daisy like flowers and they are cheery. Seems your projects are going well and nice to have 2 sewing FOs this week.

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    • I’m not a big sweets at breakfast kind of person, but I like oatmeal, and I’m always interested in getting in vegetables at every meal!

      It took me almost 2 weeks to sit down and sew up the leg hems and waistbands, a 30 minute sew job!!


  5. Personally I love the pooling on that hat – one day I want to investigate intentional pooling – it sounds mathematical which appeals to me, the math nerd. I am like you with gardening – I kinda throw seeds around and hope for the birds and deer to spread things around for me and make ground cover like heather, wild geranium, violets and such. I did plant a few marigold seeds, but so far only a few have come up. I have a lot of volunteer plants like ivy and spurge and as long as the ivy stays off the cedar trees I am happy for it to creep along the ground. It keeps the other less attractive weeds at bay. My backyard seems full of buttercups so I know the bees and butterflies are happy.

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    • We used to have a backyard FULL of ivy as a ground cover, it was AWFUL! Mostly because the mosquitos just multiplied like crazy in the damp darkness- making being outside tremendously unpleasant.
      This spring we had a TON of violets in my yard and in my “flower beds”, the little purple flowers were so nice to see in a brisk spring morning. I’m happy to know I’m not the only reluctant gardener!

      Re: pooling. I’m making a 2nd hat out of the remaining yarn, using a significantly smaller needle for the ribbing: no pooling. Sized up to the body and BAM same pooling pattern! I tried to alternate rounds from each end: it made the pooling MORE NOTICABLE!


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