Category: In the Kitchen

  • Holiday Cookies 2021

    I’ve been done with my holiday baking for a few weeks now. Let is suffice to say, I’m pretty over cookies for the time being. However much I’m kvetching about the amount of cookies I baked this holiday season, I know next year I’ll do it all over again. Mostly because I’m a glutton for […]

  • A Year of Projects: Weeks 15, 16, 17, 18

    Oh, hi. Its me. I know its been about a month since I did my YOP update. So here is some stuff I accomplished in December of 2021. We/I did a LOT of holiday stuff. I baked 10 different types of cookies. Ate SOOOO many cookies. Mailed 18 packages, 60 holiday cards. Used ALL OF […]

  • ‘Twas the Day After Thanksgiving.

    Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the states. I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner every year for the last 12 years. I’m pretty good at it. This year was not a year full of interesting new recipes. I did not scratch make any breads this year. That was weird for me. We are still doing dishes from […]

  • Not Fiber Stuff

    AKA: This week’s life stuff. My in-laws visited with us Sunday-Tuesday this week. My MIL’s birthday is at the end of the month, and we intended on visiting them then. We still might, but my MIL said her next birthday “sounded old” so she didn’t want to celebrate! Just in case we don’t go see […]

  • Year of Project: Week 42

    Its a hot summery Sunday, its like 90-some degrees (Fahrenheit). Its super sunny. I ripped out a bunch of grass and non-zinnias from the beds that flank my front walk. I threw some OLD marigold seeds in the bare spots. If they grow, cool. If not, I’ll just thin some of the zinnias to those […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 41

    Holidays always get me all twisted around with my days. Today is Monday, not the customary Sunday when I (SHOULD) do my Year of Projects Posts (YOP). Other Stuff First: I’m mostly better from my mild illness. So much better in fact that my favorite trainer did his annual Memorial Day workout in the park […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 17/18

    Oh, my. This has been a busy couple weeks around here. My holiday projects always need to be finished before actual Christmas (since we do our gift exchanges with my family 1-3 weeks before Christmas Day). This year I had a few additional holiday gifts to finish up, making it seem really chaotic! No fear, […]

  • Cookie-Puss: Swedish Almond Butter Cookies

    It’s no secret that I love to cook and bake. The holiday season requires a lot of butter in my house. This year, cookies alone, I’m going through 3 POUNDS of butter. Since I won’t be seeing anyone, and I need to mail all my cookies, I’m baking fewer varieties than usual. This year I’m […]