Not Fiber Stuff

AKA: This week’s life stuff.

Birthday Cake!

My in-laws visited with us Sunday-Tuesday this week. My MIL’s birthday is at the end of the month, and we intended on visiting them then. We still might, but my MIL said her next birthday “sounded old” so she didn’t want to celebrate! Just in case we don’t go see them in 2 weeks, I made her a cake on Monday. Its my FAVORITE chocolate cake recipe, the one from the Snoop Dogg Cookbook, “Go Shorty, Its your Birthday Cake”. I topped it with a cream cheese frosting and spread a thin layer of raspberry jam into the center with some frosting (for extra excitement).

A legitimately GOOD cookbook.

Here is the mod I make to the cake: Instead of buttermilk, I use buttermilk powder and hot coffee. I still add the boiling water as the recipe line items. The cake is super tender, yet substantial. I get buttermilk powder in the baking isle of the grocery store; I prefer it because of its long shelf life.

Curry Goat on Rice and Peas with cabbage and fried plaintains.

The kids are with my parents for a couple days. Which has given spouse and I the opportunity to go crazy with dinner. We got Caribbean/Jamaican take-out from the place down the street. I got the curry goat, spouse got the coconut shrimp. We both got a canned drink called “Irish Moss” its like a nitrogenated melted vanilla milkshake. It was interesting and good. We ate out of our containers (only forks to wash) and watched Black Widow. An all around enjoyable (quiet) evening.

Since my parents have the kids, we are watching my mom’s cat. Who is super shy (and currently hiding under the tv stand in the basement). Last night, he decided that meowing every hour from 11:30pm-3:30am would be awesome. It wasn’t. The only reason he stopped at 3:30am is because I got out of bed (spouse got up 30 minutes before his alarm and was on his way to work by 3am today). Early this morning (before 6am) came up to the living room, had me pet him for a minute, then went back downstairs and is currently sleeping. To say I slept terribly is an understatement- hopefully tonight will be better? Because getting up before 4am is not my idea of a good time.

Now to go do some more errands that weren’t open when I was out earlier! I’ll have fiber related content this week, promise.


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